Wiley (Dan Michael)

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On the sailm escaine, or ritual use of a cursus of 20 salms as a means of cursing enemies.
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Argues that reddening (imdergad) and eruption of steam () are connected with an Irish hagiographical motif, and that their attribution to Niall is politically motivated.
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Provides a survey of 137 tales, organized by province, dynasty and protagonist. In §6.1 (=Appendix): Alphabetical list of king tales (with references to published editions).
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A discussion of the Middle Irish narrative entitled Scél Choirpri Chruim 7 Móelsechlaind meic Móelrúanaid. In Appendix: an edition of the first recension, beg. Epscop úasal ro-buí hi Clúain meic Nóis), based on RIA 23 P 16 with variants from Egerton 92 and Brussels 5100–04; with English translation and notes.