Fomin (Maxim Sergeevič)

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In CMCS 47 (Summer 2004), pp. 73–79.
Review article of: Представления о смерти и локализация иного мира у древних кельтов и германцев (Predstavleniya o smerti i lokalizatsiya inogo mira u drevnikh Keltov i Germantsev) [Transl.: Ideas of death and the location of the Otherworld in early Celtic and Germanic traditions], ed. by V. P. Kalygin, T. A. Mikhailova, and T. V. Toporova (Moscow: LRC, 2002).
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Kalygin (Viktor Pavlovich) (hon.)
Fomin (Maxim): Classifications of kings in early Ireland and India.
In SCF 4 (2007), pp. 31–46.
Fomin (M. S.): “И престол его утвердится Правдою”: Концепция «праведного правления» в древней Ирландии [ “I prestol ego utverditsja Pravduju” : koncepcija «pravednogo pravlenija» v drevnej Irlandii].
In Studia Celto-Slavica 2 (2009), pp. 40–63.
[(In Russian:) “And his throne shall be established in righteousness” : the concept of ‘righteous ruling’ in ancient Ireland.] With English summary.
Fomin (Maxim): Bríatharthecosc Con Culainn in the context of early Irish wisdom-literature.
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Fomin (Maxim): A newly discovered fragment of the early Irish wisdom-text Tecosca Cormaic in TCD MS 1298 (H. 2. 7).
In Studia Celto-Slavica 5 (2010), pp. 159–170.
Offers some palaeographical, textual and linguistic observations preliminary to an edition of this text.
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Fomin (Maxim): Instructions for kings: secular and clerical images of kingship in early Ireland and ancient India.
ETS, 2. Heidelberg: Winter, 2013. 580 pp. (Empirie und Theorie der Sprachwissenschaft, 2).
A comparative study of early Irish and Indian political thought. Irish evidence based on Audacht Morainn, Tecosca Cormaic and De duodecim abusivis.

Appendix: 1. Audacht Morainn (Recension A): edition, translation and notes [critical edition from TCD H 2. 7, YBL and BL Add. 33993]; 2. Audacht Morainn (Recension L): introductory story [text from LL, with translation]; 3. Tecosca Cormaic: notes [variant readings of sections on kingship (accompanied by normalized Old Irish text and English translation)].

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Berlin: Curach Bhán, 2016. xi + 83 pp.
31 narratives covering the period from the late nineteenth century to the 1980s; mostly in Irish and Scottish Gaelic, with some in English. Ir. and ScG texts standardised but retaining dialectal features; with English translations.

Rev. by
Matthias Egeler, in ZCP 65 (2018), pp. 141-142.

Fomin (Maxim): Multilingual practices and linguistic contacts in pre-Patrician Ireland and late Roman Britain.
In Studia Celto-Slavica 8 (2018), pp. 151–172.
Proposes the pre-Christian Irish had a knowledge of Latin acquired directly through contact with Romans at ‘nexus points’ (emporia, or coastal trade-centres) in Ireland; includes a discussion of linguistic borrowings from Latin in pre-Patrician Ireland and of Latin/Irish code-switching and diglossia in early documents.
Fomin (Maxim) (ed.), Jones (Aled Llion) (ed.): Y geissaw chwedleu: Proceedings of the 7th International Colloquium of Societas Celto-Slavica / Aled Llion Jones, Maxim Fomin (editors.)
Studia Celto-Slavica, 8. Bangor: School of Welsh, Bangor University, 2018. x + 179 pp.