Smelik (Bernadette)

Hofman (R. H. F.) (ed.), Jongeling (K.) (ed.), Smelik (B.) (ed.): Kelten van Spanje tot Ierland / uitgegeven door R. H. F. Hofman, B. Smelik, K. Jongeling.
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Papers arising from a cycle of conferences held in Amsterdam, 23 April-12 June 1993.

Rev. by
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Smelik (Bernadette): Eachtra an mhadra mhaoil: ein richtiger Artusroman?
Smelik (Bernadette): The structure of the Irish Arthurian romance Eachtra mhacaoimh an iolair.
In CMCS 45 (Summer 2003), pp. 43–57.
Analyses the portrayal of King Arthur and the structure of the plot, and concludes that the author did not use an English original but fused a late French Arthurian romance with native Irish elements in a conscious attempt to please an Irish audience.
Smelik (Bernadette): Receptiesturende elementen in Eachtra Mhelóra agus Orlando.
In Arthur, Brigit, Conn, Deirdre [Fs. Strien-Gerritsen] (2003), pp. 171–185.
[(In Dutch:) Reception-controlling elements in Eachtra Mhelóra agus Orlando.]
Genee (Inge) (ed.), Jaski (Bart) (ed.), Smelik (Bernadette) (ed.): Arthur, Brigit, Conn, Deirdre... Verhaal, taal en recht in de Keltische wereld: Liber amicorum voor Leni van Strien-Gerritsen / onder redactie van Inge Genee, Bart Jaski, Bernadette Smelik.
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p. 13: Publicaties [van L. v. S.-G.]

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Strien-Gerritsen (Leni van) (hon.)
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pp. 18-25: A bibliography of the publications of A.A.

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Ahlqvist (Anders) (hon.)
Smelik (Bernadette): The intended audience of Irish Arthurian romances.
In Arthuriana 17/4 (Fall 2007), pp. 49–69.
Between the fourteenth and seventeenth century five Arthurian romances were written in the Irish language. This article compares the narrative structure of these romances and their portrayal of King Arthur to French Arthurian verse romances and considers the intended audience for Irish Arthurian Romance.