Ó Canann (Tomás G.)

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I. Ballycannon; II. Meenychanon; III. Cannon’s Lough; IV. Glennagannon; V. Drumcannon.
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Discusses the etymology, orthography, anglicization and distribution of Ó Canannáin (and variants).
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Sloindfead do chách ceart Mlaissi, 30 qq., based on BL Additional 18205; with English translation and commentary.
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Ballykildea (Co. Clare), Ballykilladea (Co. Galway).
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Studies the origin legends, lineage branchings and pedigrees of the Ua Canannáin kings of pre-Norman Tír Conaill. Appendix: transcripts of the twenty-one recensions of Ua Canannáin pedigrees, from the Book of Leinster, NLI G 2, TCD H 2. 7, RIA 23 P 12, etc.
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On the Dungeel branch of the MacCarthys.
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On Roger O’Ferrall, compiler of the genealogical treatise Linea antiqua (1709) [NLI Genealogical Office MS 155].
Ó Canann (Tomás G.): Notes on medieval Donegal.
In Donegal annual 66 (2014), pp. 4–15; 67 (2015), pp. 67-89.
[1.] Mac Dubháin chiefs of Tír Éanna; [2.] A family of Tír Chonaill historians [the Uí Chanann]; [3.] Coill na Lon in Síol Bhaoighill [on the identification of a placename mentioned in AFM 1526.5]; [4.] Abbey Es Ruaid [Assaroe] and Cath na Rígdamna; [5.] Early Ua Domnaill pedigrees: [6.] Clann Ghiolla Dhé.
Ó Canann (Tomás G.): Notes on medieval Donegal: II.
In Donegal annual 67 (2015), pp. 67–89.
[1.] Abbey Es Ruaid and Cath na Rígdamna; [2.] Early Ua Domnaill pedigrees; [3.] Clann Ghiolla Dhé.

Incl. a Bibliography of Thomas G. Cannon.
Ó Canann (Tomás G.): Notes on medieval Donegal: III. Carraig an Dúnáin inauguration mound: an update.
In Donegal annual 68 (2016), pp. 114–120.
An addition to T. G. Ó Canann, ‘Carraig an Dúnáin: probable Ua Canannáin inauguration site’, in JRSAI 133 (2003), pp. 36–67.
Ó Canann (Tomás G.): A historical note on Baile Uí Chanann.
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Ó Canann (Tomás G.): Aspects of the history of Clann tSuibhne.
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1. Mac Suibhne references in the register of Paisley Abbey; 2. Some Donegal placenames associated with Clann tSuibhne; 3. A stray Mac Suibhne na dTuath pedigree.