Stifter (David)

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Stifter (David): Study in red.
In Sprache 40/2 (1998), pp. 202–207.
[1.] OIr. rúam ‘red dye’; [2.] The PIE root * √reu̯dh ‘to make red’ in Celtic (OIr. , rúad, ród, rúam, rúan, rúana, rúanaid, ruccae, ruide, ruis, ruisse, rus, rondid, ruidid); [3.] Etymology of the Celtic word for ‘rust’ (OIr. rait, rota, rotan, ModIr. rod, roid, roide).
Stifter (David): Old Irish 2fén ‘bog’?
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Stifter (David) (revr.)
Stifter (David): Altirisch ríched ‘christlicher Himmel’.
In 3. Deutsches Keltologensymposium (2004), pp. 81–94.
Suggests < PCelt. *riketom < PIE *h1r̥k-eto- ‘the shining thing’ (< PIE * √h1erk ) ‘shine, sing’.
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Stifter (David): Zwei Geisterwagen.
In SEC 11 (2006), pp. 141–156.
I. ais [(cf. LEIA A-50 ais “voiture” ;) argues is a ghost-word]. II. cul [suggests an origin from *kalu- ‘Schmiedearbeit, geschmiedetes Teil’].
Stifter (David): A note on the research history of the Insular Celtic t-preterite.
In KF 1 (2006), p. 189.
Ascribes the derivation of the Insular Celtic t-preterite from the Indo-European athematic aorist to Rudolf Thomas Siegfried (1830-1863).
Stifter (David): Brendaniana, etc.
In KF 1 (2006), pp. 191–214.
Review article on works on Saint Brendan and voyage literature: The legend of St. Brendan: a critical bibliography, comp. by Glyn S. Burgess and Clara Strijbosch (Dublin: RIA, 2000); The Celtic west and Europe: studies in Celtic literature and the early Irish church, by Doris Edel (Dublin: Four Courts, 2001); Studies in Irish hagiography: saints and scholars, ed. by John Carey, Máire Herbert and Pádraig Ó Riain (Dublin: Four Courts, 2001); Brendans Inseln: Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis, ed. by Wolfgang Schüter (Wien: Edition per procura, 1997). Also provides detailed evidence that a speaker of Irish composed Navigatio Sancti Brendani, and suggests a terminus ante quem non of 825 based on a comparison with Dicuil’s De mensura orbis terrae.
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Offers a new interpretation of a charm entitled Obaid coisci fola, no. 6 of J. Carney and M. Carney A collection of Irish charms, in Saga och Sed (1960), pp. 144-152 (see BILL 7450).
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A complete analysis of Finnán’s girdle (from MS Stiftsbibliothek Klosterneuburg 587; beg. Cris Finnáin dum imdegail) including diplomatic and normalized text, German translation, textual notes and facsimile.
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Swiss scholar, 1860–1934.
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vs. GOI §218. Includes a discussion of the etymology of OIr. sochuide.
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In Ériu 60 (2010), pp. 145–157.
Evaluates the possibility (suggested by K. McCone, in Sprachkontakt und Sprachwandel, pp. 395-435) that OIr. fannall and Basque enara, ain(h)ara are etymologically connected.
Stifter (David): Lack of syncope and other nichtlautgesetzlich vowel developments in Olr. consonant-stem nouns: animacy rearing its head in morphology?
In Indogermanistik und Linguistik im Dialog (2011), pp. 556–565.
Includes a Collection.
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In Schindler Beiträge (2012), pp. 377–402.
Discusses the Old Irish incantation against worms inserted in Lacnunga XXVI.
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Schindler (Jochem) (hon.)
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On the ending -u as marker of the acc. pl. in these stems; with collection.
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Presents some eighty cases where the reading of the MS or facsimile is different from that given in Thes.
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On the vocalism and etymology of the preverb *to/tu-.
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1. Blathmac son of Cú Brettan: his name, time and place; 2. Carney’s edition; 3. Blathmac and his sources; 4. Metrics; 5. Phonology; 6. Morphology; 7. Lexicon; 8. Syntax; 9. Conclusion.
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§1 includes a discussion of the OIr. terms fáith, fili, bard, cerd, dúan, cétal, rosc, cubaid; §5. surveys medieval Irish versification.
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Discusses the etymology of OIr. amm and aimser.
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Presents diplomatic text, normalised critical edition and English translation of the fragmentary material in the last two folios of NLI G 50 (pp. 141-144), omitted in James Carney's 1964 edition of Blathmac’s poems.
Stifter (David): An apple a day….
In IF 124 (2019), pp. 171–218.