Mac Donncha (Frederic)

Ó Briain (Felim), Mac Donncha (Frederic) (ed.): Brigitana.
In ZCP 36 (1978), pp. 112–137.
Studies the structure and interdependence of the different versions of the Life of St. Brigit. Sections: 1. The relation of Broccán’s Hymn to the Vita Brigitae; 2. The priority of VA (Vita Anonyma) or VC (Vita Cogitosi)?; 3. The conflate nature of VA; 4. Sources of VA; 5. Literary borrowings by Cogitosus; 6. The identity of Cogitosus — The name Toimtenach.

(Ed. by F. M. D. from the unpublished work of F. Ó B.),.
Mac Donncha (Frederic): Dáta Vita Tripartita Sancti Patricii.
In Éigse 18/1 (1980), pp. 125–142; 19/2 (1983), pp. 354-372.
Provides linguistic and literary evidence to date the composition of VTP to the Middle Irish period, vs. C. Ní Mhaolchróin 1927 (Best2 1995). With a summary of Middle Irish features and a commentary on the structure of the text.
Mac Donncha (Frederic): Don tarmchrutta: an 11th-century homily on the transfiguration.
In CoH 25 (1983), pp. 7–11.
In Latin, with a section in Irish; text from Leabhar Breac.
Mac Donncha (Frederic): Imdibe Crist: an 11th-century homily on the Circumcision of Christ.
In CoH 26 (1984), pp. 7–12.
In Latin, with final section in Irish; text from Leabhar Breac.
Mac Donncha (Frederic): Páis agus aisérí Chríost in LB agus in LS.
In Éigse 21 (1986), pp. 170–193.
Textual history of the Passio Domini nostri Iesu Christi found in RIA MS 23 P 16 (Leabhar Breac), incl. its collation with a homily from MS Dublin, King’s Inns 10 (exordium given in extenso).