Padel (Oliver James)

Padel (O. J.): The Cornish background of the Tristan stories.
In CMCS 1 (Summer, 1981), pp. 53–81.
Incl. discussion of name Drust, found in Tochmarc Emire.
Olson (B. Lynette), Padel (O. J.): A tenth-century list of Cornish parochial saints.
In CMCS 12 (Winter, 1986), pp. 33–71.
Forty-eight names transcribed from MS Vaticanus Reginensis Latinus 191 with analysis of forms; suggests that the seventh name, Ruaton, may be a highly irregular rendering of Irish Ruadhán.
P. (O. J.): Cecily Clark, 1926–1992.
In Nomina 15 (1991), pp. 130–133.
Padel (O. J.): The nature of Arthur.
In CMCS 27 (Summer, 1994), pp. 1–31.
Argues against the historicity of Arthur, drawing a parallel with Fionn’s role in Goidelic folklore.
Padel (O. J.) (ed.), Parsons (David N.) (ed.): A commodity of good names: essays in honour of Margaret Gelling / edited by O.J. Padel and David N. Parsons.
Donington: Shaun Tyas, 2008. xii + 415 pp.
Rev. by
Robert McColl Millar, in JSNS 3 (2009), pp. 162-166.
Gelling (Margaret) (hon.)