Smith (Peter James)

Smith (Peter): Aimirgein Glúngel tuir tend: a Middle-Irish poem on the authors and laws of Ireland.
In Peritia 8 (1994), pp. 120–150.
Poem beg. Aimirgein Glúngel tuir tend (63 qq.) by Gilla in Choimded Úa Cormaic, dated to c. 1050-1150 on linguistic grounds. Ed. with Engl transl. and notes from MSS Book of Uí Maine, NLI G 488 and King’s Inns 20. Incl. app. on the language of the text, and indexes.
Smith (Peter) (comp.): Oidhreacht Oirghiall: a bibliography of Irish literature and philology relating to the south-east Ulster-north Leinster region: printed sources.
Béal Féirste: Iontaobhas Ultach = Ultach Trust, 1995. xi + 132 pp.
Rev. by
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Smith (Peter J.): Mide maigen clainne Cuind: a medieval poem of the kings of Mide.
In Peritia 15 (2001), pp. 108–144.
Ascribed to Flann Mainisrech (in LL). Critical edition based on Rawlinson B 502 (51qq); with English translation, variant readings and textual notes.
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Text I: Hériu ard inis na rríg; Text II: At-tá sund forba fessa; Text III: Annálad anall uile.

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Imarcaig sund ar gach saíd (108 qq.), dated to ca. 1200. Text based on RIA MS D ii 1, normalised to late Middle Irish spelling system; with English translation, textual notes, manuscript readings, commentary, indexes.
Smith (Peter): A Dhísirt Uí Thuaithchill, mo chruadh-chréachtsa: an early eighteenth-century poem from Derry.
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Elegy to the wife of Domhnall Ó Catháin, Eibhlín (†1726), of anonymous authorship. Diplomatic and normalised texts from NLI G 35; with English translation and notes.
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