Woods (David)

Woods (David): On ‘ships in the air’ in 749.
In Peritia 14 (2000), pp. 429–430.
AU2 ad annum 749.9; suggests emendation to nubes visae sunt converescere, denoting a rare meteorological fenomenon.
Woods (David): Arculf’s luggage: the sources for Admomnán’s De Locis Sanctis.
In Ériu 52 (2002), pp. 25–52.
[1.] Introduction; [2.] Adomnán on Constantinople and seventh-century Palestine; [3.] Arculf’s [leg Arnulf] role in the transmission of knowledge to Adomnán; [4.] Conclusion.
Woods (David): Four notes on Adomnán’s Vita Columbae.
In Peritia 16 (2002), pp. 40–67.
1. The destruction of an Italian town: 1.28; 2. The death of Guaire mac Aidáin: 1.47; 3. Cormac and the little sea monsters: 2.41; 4. The ordination of Aidán mac Gabráin: 3.5.
Woods (David): Acorns, the plague, and the ‘Iona Chronicle’.
In Peritia 17–18 (2003–2004), pp. 495–502.
ad AU 576.2; argues that a reference to the bubonic plague was misunderstood as a great crop of acorns by the continuators of the Iona Chronicle.
Woods (David): An ‘earthquake’ in Britain in 664.
In Peritia 19 (2005), pp. 256–262.
Suggests that a metaphorical reference to disturbance in the British church in 664 was misinterpreted in Irish annals as the occurrence of an earthquake.
Woods (David): St. Patrick and the ‘sun’ (Conf. 20).
In StH 34 (2006–2007), pp. 9–16.
Woods (David): Crowd-control in sixth-century Clonmacnoise (Adomnán, VC 1.3).
In Ériu 60 (2010), pp. 131–136.
Woods (David): On the circumstances of Adomnán’s composition of the De locis sanctis.
In Adomnán of Iona (2010), pp. 193–204.
Woods (David): Tírechán on St. Patrick’s writing tablets.
In StC 45 (2011), pp. 197–203.
ad Tírechán B.II §3.1-4 (as ed. by L. Bieler 1979 [The Patrician texts in the Book of Armagh]).
Woods (David): Once more on Proclus, the Virgin Mary, and the Irish.
In Peritia 24/25 (2013–2014), pp. 173–180.
Woods (David): Under the abbot’s cloak: the symbolism of Columba’s clothing in Adomnán’s Vita Columbae.
Woods (David): Adomnán, Arculf and the mosque on the Temple Mount.
In Ériu 66 (2016), pp. 179–190.
Argues that Adomnán unwittingly describes the mosque on Temple Mount as it was being repaired c. 660 after a great earthquake in 659.