Testen (David Douglas)

Testen (D.): Palatalization and the Irish ā-stem.
In ZCP 41 (1986), pp. 272–279.
Argues that the declension of the oblique cases of the OIr. ā-stems can be derived regularly from Indo-European with the intervention of the analogical spread to the nominal inflection of an extended stem in *-osiā- based on the forms here postulated for the accusative, genitive and dative of the 3rd sg. fem. demonstrative pronoun.
Beals (Katharine) (ed.), Cooke (Gina) (ed.), Kathman (David) (ed.), McCullough (Karl-Erik) (ed.), Testen (David) (ed.): CLS 29: proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth Regional Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, 1993. Volume I: the main session / compiled and edited by Katharine Beals, Gina Cooke, David Kathman, Sotaro Kita, Karl-Erik McCullough, David Testen.
Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society, 1993. 499 pp.
Testen (David): Stem-final *-kk- in Celtic terms for ‘pig’.
In Ériu 50 (1999), pp. 161–164.
Proposes etymologies for *mokku- > Ir. mucc, and *sukko- > W hwch (cf. Ir. socc ‘ploughshare, snout’).