Matheson (William)

(1910 – 1995)

Matheson (William): Aonghus nan Aoir: a case of mistaken identity.
In ScS 21 (1977), pp. 105–108.
Argues that the Aonghus nan Aoir of Scottish oral tradition was mistaken for the notorious Irish bard Aonghas Ó Dálaigh (alias Aonghas na nAor) by G. Henderson 1910 (Best1, p. 200).
Matheson (William): The ancestry of the MacLeods.
In TGSI 51 (1978–1980), pp. 68–80.
Argues the name of Leod’s great-grandfather was Olbhar (ScG Olghar, ON Ölvir), rather than Olaf. Includes a discussion of the forms of these and related names attested in the Gaelic genealogies.
Ó Madagáin (Breandán), Matheson (William) (ref.): Song for emotional release in the Gaelic tradition.
In Music and the church (1993), pp. 254–275.
On the lament in Irish. Incl. transcript of interview with the Rev. William Matheson on the subject of sung speech in the Scottish Gàidhealtachd. Previously publ. in Irish in LCC 22 (1992), pp. 164-184.