Mallory (James Patrick)

Mallory (J. P.): The sword of the Ulster cycle.
In Studies on early Ireland [Duignan essays] (1982), pp. 99–114.
On OIr. claideb, colg, etc. Based on linguistic and literary evidence.
Mallory (J. P.): The origins of the Irish.
In JIA 2 (1984), pp. 65–69.
Mallory (J. P.): Two early modern descriptions of Navan.
In Emania 1 (1986), pp. 22–23.
Reproduces a letter dated 24 April 1835 written by John O’Donovan, commenting on the description of Emain in John Colgan’s Acta Triadis Thaumaturgae (1647).
Mallory (J. P.): A provisional checklist of Emain Macha in the annals.
In Emania 1 (1986), pp. 24–27.
Provides a provisional list of references to Emain Macha and closely associated events and places in the major Irish annals.
Mallory (James P.): Silver in the Ulster cycle of tales.
In 7th ICCS, Oxford 1983 (1986), pp. 31–78.
Argues that the role attached to silver in the UIster cycle of narratives reflects a material culture of the 6th-9th centuries A.D.
Mallory (J. P.): The literary topography of Emain Macha.
In Emania 2 (1987), pp. 12–18.
Presents and discusses evidence from the Ulster tales that touches upon the landscape of Emain Macha (arranged by type of feature, with references), concluding that much of the description is imaginary and bears no relation to the actual site.
Mallory (J. P.): A provisional checklist of Crúachain in the Annals.
In Emania 5 (Autumn, 1988), pp. 24–26.
Addenda in p. 40.
Baillie (M. G. L.), Mallory (J. P.): Tech ndaruch: the fall of the house of oak.
In Emania 5 (Autumn, 1988), pp. 27–33.
Discusses the replacement of oak by pine in descriptions of Medb and Ailill’s house.
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Mallory (J. P.): The fort of the Ulster Tales.
In Emania 12 (1994), pp. 28–38.
Provides citations and discussion of terms for 'fortification’, both permanent and temporary in the Ulster cycle: baile, borg, cathair, daingen, dind, dún, dúnad, les, ráth, búaile, caisel, doé, fuithirbe, forad, múr, sonn, táible, tor, costud, longphort, sosad.
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pp. 95-109: The Celts.

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Provides an overview of the debate about the origin of the name, its place in medieval historical sources, and its representation in early Irish literature.
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