Schneiders (Marc)

Schneiders (Marc): Félire Óengusso en de liturgie.
In Monniken, ridders en zeevaarders (1988), pp. 39–59.
[(In Dutch:) Félire Óengusso and liturgy.]
Schneiders (Marc): The Irish Calendar in the Karlsruhe Bede (Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, Cod. Aug. CLXVII, ff.16v-17v).
In ALw 31 (1989), pp. 33–78.
Schneiders (Marc): On the use of the label apocryphon in recent studies of medieval Irish texts.
In Bijdragen 51/3 (1990), pp. 314–323.
Argues that the broad use of the label apocryphon should be abandoned. With discussion of (1) Dá brón flatha nime (see G. Dottin, RC 21.349 [Best1, p. 232] and M. MacNamara, The Apocrypha in the Irish church 1975, pp. 24-27], and (2) A poem on three Judean kings missing in Christ’s genealogy [Ochozias io[a]s co cass; text from the Book of Uí Maine, with English translation].
Schneiders (Marc), Veelenturf (Kees): Hans Oskamp (1936–1990).
In Éigse 25 (1991), pp. 180–181.
Oskamp (Hans) (hon.)
Schneiders (Marc), Veelenturf (Kees): Celtic Studies in the Netherlands: a bibliography.
BS, 1. Dublin: , 1992. xx + 101 pp.
Publications by Dutch scholars in the field of Celtic Studies, including Hiberno-Latin, Linguistics, and Archaeology, from the earliest publication in 1597 (Vulcanius) up to 1990; with an Index, and a Chronological list of authors. Also an introductory essay entitled ‘A historical survey’ (cf. K. Veelenturf, in NSCS 3 (1989), pp. 37-40).

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