Picard (Jean-Michel)

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Picard (J. M.): The Schaffhausen Adomnán: a unique witness to Hiberno-Latin.
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Provides a detailed analysis of the Latin orthography of the Schaffhausen (MS SS Generalia I) version of Vita Columbae.
Picard (Jean-Michel): Bede, Adomnán, and the writing of history.
In Peritia 3 (1984), pp. 50–70.
Argues that the border between hagiography and history in the seventh and eighth centuries was not clearly defined.
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Blackrock, Co. Dublin: Four Courts, 1985. 78 pp.
English transl. of H. of Saltrey’s text.

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Discussion and English translation.
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In Sages, saints and storytellers [Fs. Carney] (1989), pp. 367–375.
Discusses an anecdote occurring in Vita Columba I.47.
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Papers from a symposium held in Paris, July 1989.

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Picard (Jean-Michel): Les celticismes des hagiographes irlandais du viie siècle.
In ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 355–373.
Studies the Celtic influence in the language of the following 7th-century Hiberno-Latin hagiological texts: Vita Patricii (Muirchú), Collectanea (Tírechán), Vita Brigitae (Cogitosus) and Vita Columbae (Adomnán).
Picard (Jean-Michel): La Vie de S. Sané: a seventeenth century life of Saint Senan.
In NMAJ 35 (1993–1994), pp. 45–51.
Picard (Jean-Michel): Sur l’ordre des mots dans la prose latine des hagiographes irlandais du VIIe siècle.
In Mélanges Kerlouégan (1994), pp. 483–500.
A linguistic study of the following texts: Vita sancti Patricii (Muirchú); Collectanea (Tírechán); Vita sanctae Brigitae (Cogitosus); Vita sancti Columbae (Adomnán).
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Papers from a conference held in Bordeaux, April 1993.

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Appendix: Adomnán, Life of Columba, first preface.
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In AnnNor 47/1 (1997), pp. 3–24.
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Picard (Jean-Michel): Princeps and principatus in the early Irish Church: a reassessment.
In Seanchas [Fs. Byrne] (2000), pp. 146–160.
On the meaning and use of the terms princeps/airchinnech, episcopus/epscop, abbas/abb in Hiberno-Latin literature, as well as their frequency in Irish annals.
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Ní Chatháin (Próinséas) (hon.)
Picard (Jean-Michel): Bede and Irish scholarship: scientific treatises and grammars.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 139–147.
Identifies Irish sources in Bede’s scientific production and suggests that the non-acknowledgment of their origin results from the didactic purpose of the work.
Picard (Jean-Michel): Variations on friends and friendship in early medieval Ireland.
In Above and beyond [Swan memorial essays] (2005), pp. 281–291.
Picard (Jean-Michel): William Reeves and the edition of the Life of St. Columba: the Continental connection.
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Part I: Facsimile. 2008. xx + 152 facsimile plates.
Part II. Commentary / Damian Bracken and Eric Graff, editors. 2014. 107 pp.

Contents of Pt. II: (pp. 13-16) Introduction, by Damian Bracken; (pp. 17-55) Report on the Codex Schaffhausen, Stadtbibliothek, Generalia 1, by Eric Graff; (pp. 56-69) Schaffhausen, Stadtbibliothek, Generalia 1: The history of the manuscript, by Jean-Michel Picard; (pp. 70-89) The Schaffhausen manuscript and the composition of the Life of Columba, by Mark Stansbury; (pp. 90-104) Some orthographic features of the Schaffhausen manuscript, by Anthony Harvey; (p. 105) A note on the Irish Manuscripts Commission and the Schaffhausen manuscript of Adomnán’s Vita Columbae, by Deirdre McMahon; Index.

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