McQuillan (Peter Thomas Gerard)

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Discusses the genealogical traditions connected with Fothad Canainne and Finn ua Baíscne, and also examines the meaning of the term fian.
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McQuillan (Peter): On the semantics and pragmatics of cía in Early Irish.
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1. Introduction; 2. Cía in Early Irish adverbial clauses; 3. Cía in complement clauses; 4. Summary and conclusions.
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McQuillan (Peter): Complementation and the subjunctive in Early Irish.
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The semantic and pragmatic properties of main-clause predicates which condition the use of the subjunctive in Old and Middle Irish complement clauses. 1. Introduction to the linguistic issues affecting mood and complementation; 2. Presentation and analysis of the data; 3. Summary and conclusions.
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