Toner (Gregory)

Toner (Gregory): Emain Macha in the literature.
In Emania 4 (Spring, 1988), pp. 32–35.
Argues that the etymology of Emain in Noínden Ulad is first found in the second recension only; originally may have been Emain (Abhlach) as Otherworld designation; identification with Ptolemy’s Isamnion queried.
Toner (Gregory): Money in the place-names of East Ulster.
In Ainm 5 (1991), pp. 52–58.
Possibly Ir. móin and muine.
Toner (Gregory): Cormac Conloinges: the hero of the mound.
In Emania 8 (1991), pp. 60–62.
Toner (Gregory): An file in Bás Cearbhaill agus Farbhlaidhe.
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In Ainm 6 (1994), pp. 32–37.
ad D. Mac Giolla Easpaig, in Ainm 4 (1989–1990) pp. 3–89.
Toner (Gregory): A reassessment of the element cuilleann.
In Ainm 7 (1996), pp. 94–101.
Toner (Gregory): The backward nook: cúil and cúl in Irish place-names.
In Ainm 7 (1996), pp. 113–117.
Toner (Gregory): Settlement and settlement terms in medieval Ireland: ráth and lios.
In Ainm 8 (1998), pp. 1–40.
Studies the meaning, chronology and distribution of these two place-name elements.
Toner (Gregory): The transmission of Tochmarc Emire.
In Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 71–88.
[1.] The relationship between the MSS of V [= the longer recension contained in MSS RIA 23 E 25, RIA D iv 2, Harley 5280, RIA 23 N 10, RIA 23 E 29 (Book of Fermoy), Egerton 92]; vs. T. Ó Concheanainn, in Éigse 29 (1996), pp. 96-100; [2.] The lost portion of R [= the shorter recension contained in MS Rawlinson B 512]; [3.] The relationship of V and R; [4.] The language of R and V; vs. T. Ó Concheanainn, in Éigse 30 (1997), pp. 102–18; [5.] Old and Middle Irish in V; [6.] Conclusion: V is an expanded version of R.
Ó Concheanainn (T.) (ref.)
Toner (Gregory): The definite article in Irish place-names.
In Nomina 22 (1999), pp. 5–24.
Toner (Gregory): The Ulster Cycle: historiography or fiction?
In CMCS 40 (Winter, 2000), pp. 1–20.
Discusses the inconsistencies in Táin bó Cúailnge (Recension I), and argues that its compiler intended his work to be regarded as historical rather than literary.
Toner (Gregory): Identifying Ptolemy’s Irish places and tribes.
Toner (Gregory): Reconstructing the earliest Irish tale lists.
In Éigse 32 (2000), pp. 88–120.
On the textual history of the Middle Irish catalogues of tales; argues that through the analysis of the alliterative structure of recension A the nature and contents of the lost archetype (P. Mac Cana’s O) can be retrieved.

App. contains text of list A from P. Mac Cana, The learned tales of medieval Ireland, pp. 41–49.

Toner (Gregory): Baile: settlement and landholding in medieval Ireland.
In Éigse 34 (2004), pp. 25–43.
On the various uses of baile, as inferred from historical and archaeological evidence.
Toner (Gregory): Authority, verse and the transmission of senchas.
In Ériu 55 (2005), pp. 59–84.
Argues that the use of verse within narrative (prosimetrum) was a literary device consciously used by medieval Irish writers in order to imbue their texts with different degrees of veracity (testimonial, authoritative, corroborative).
Fomin (Maxim), Toner (Gregory): Digitizing a dictionary of medieval Irish: the eDIL project.
In Literary and linguistic computing 21/1 (Apr., 2006), pp. 83–90.
Toner (Gregory) (ed.): Bruiden Da Choca / edited by Gregory Toner.
ITS, 61. London: Irish Texts Society, 2007. xii + 296 pp.
Contains a separate edition of each recension. Recension A: text based on TCD H 3. 18; with English translation and notes. Recension B: text from BL Additional 30512; with English translation and notes. Appendix: Sé bruidhne Érenn, from Harley 5280 f. 49v.

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Toner (Gregory): The original Irish name of Carrickarade/Carrick-a-Rede, Co. Antrim.
In Ainm 9 (2008), pp. 65–71.
Argues that Carraig Dhroichid is the original Irish form of the place name.
Toner (Gregory): Messe ocus Pangur Bán: structure and cosmology.
In CMCS 57 (Summer, 2009), pp. 1–22.
Presents a new translation of the poem, together with analysis of its structure, and proposes a theological interpretation.
Toner (Gregory): Scribe and text in Lebor na hUidre: H’s intentions and methodology.
In Ulidia 2 (2009), pp. 106–120.
Toner (Gregory): Macha and the invention of myth.
In Ériu 60 (2010), pp. 81–109.
Offers a new analysis of Noínden Ulad and of the legend of Macha Mongrúad, and argues that of the four female characters called Macha in early Irish literature, only Macha Mongrúad and Macha, daughter of Ernmas, are genuine in the tradition, while Macha, wife of Nemed, and Macha, wife of Cruinniuc, are late literary inventions.
Toner (Gregory): Wise women and wanton warriors in early Irish literature.
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Berlin: Curach Bhán, 2013. xiii + 370 pp.
Henry (Patrick Leo) (hon.)
Toner (Gregory): Landscape and cosmology in the Dindshenchas.
In Celtic cosmology (2014), pp. 268–283.
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Papers from a colloquium held in Coleraine, February 14-16 2008.

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