Swift (Catherine)

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1. Tírechán’s aims in compiling the Collectanea: the established position; 2. The diverse nature of Patrician tradition; 3. Tírechán’s attitude to Armagh; 4. The ‘great church of Patrick’ associated with Conall m. Néill; 5. Loíguire’s control over Connacht as portrayed in the Collectanea; 6. The political context within which the Collectanea was written.
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1. Drumlease and the Additamenta, by C. Etchingham; 2. Drumlease and Tírechán, by. C. Swift.
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On the reference in Bretha nemed toísech (in CIH vi 2223.18-23) to brooches as pledges and the significance of the use of loaned terminology (briar from Old English and catit/cartait from Pictish) in this legal passage.
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