Falileyev (Alexander Igorevich)

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In ACJ 3 (1990–1991), pp. 57–60.
Falileyev (Alexander): Irish references in early Scottish Gaelic grammars: a typological parallel.
In ScotL 16 (1997), pp. 74–81.
Refers to An analysis of the Gaelic language (1778) by William Shaw, and Elements of Gaelic grammar (1812) by Alexander Stewart.
Falileyev (Alexander), Isaac (Graham): Welsh cabl ‘calumny, blame, blasphemy’.
In IF 103 (1998), pp. 202–206.
Also on its connection to OIr. cob ‘victory’.
Falileyev (Alexander): Father of muse and son of inspiration.
In StC 32 (1998), pp. 277–278.
Discusses OIr. mac uad (Corm. Y 599) and its relationship to W tad awen (in Talhaearn’s epithet Tat Aguen).
Falileyev (Alexander): Welsh call, Cornish cal, early Irish callait.
In LP 43 (2001), pp. 89–94.
Falileyev (Alexander): Celto-Slavica II.
In ZCP 52 (2001), pp. 121–124.
Discusses the etymology of OIr. grend, and suggests possible Slavic cognates.
Falileyev (Alexander): Beyond historical linguistics: a case for multilingualism in early Wales.
In Texts and transmission (2002), pp. 6–13.
Falileyev (Alexander): Early Irish céir ‘bee’s wax’.
In Éigse 33 (2002), pp. 71–74.
is a loanword from British-Latin dated to the 5th-6th century, contemporary with the introduction of beekeeping into Ireland.
Falileyev (Alexander) (revr.): Ptolemy revisited, again.
In CMCS 43 (Summer, 2002), pp. 77–90.
Review article of: Ptolemy: towards a linguistic atlas of the earliest Celtic place-names of Europe; papers from a workshop, sponsored by the British Academy, in the Department of Welsh, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 11-12 April 1999, ed. by D. N. Parsons and P. Sims-Williams (Aberystwyth: CMCS Publications, 2000).
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Falileyev (Alexander): Welsh equivalents to the Irish fian? Some further considerations on juvenile delinquency in medieval Wales.
In CMCS 73 (Summer, 2017), pp. 31–59.
Provides further medieval Welsh parallels to the passage referred to by Simon Rodway in Studi Celtici 7.191 ff.; also suggests Welsh ynfydion may have a parallel in the Irish dám dásachtach of Togail Bruidne Da Derga.
Falileyev (Alexander): ‘Professore Giovanni Rhys’ and some of his 'Gleanings in the Italian field of Celtic epigraphy’.
In CMCS 77 (Summer, 2019), pp. 97–110.