Theuerkauf (Marie-Luise)

Theuerkauf (Marie-Luise): The death of Boand and the recensions of Dindṡenchas Érenn.
In Ériu 67 (2017), pp. 49–98.
Analyses the mutual relationship of the three poems on Boand in the Dindṡenchas and discusses the relationship between the prose and verse sections of the Boand article as well as the interrelationship of the various prose variants. Includes the edition and translation of a poem of perhaps late 10th c. connected to Boand I, beg. A écsiu Fáil fégam sein, from MS Laud 610, ascribed by K. Meyer to Cináed úa hArtacáin (cf. ZCP 8.102 ff.).
Theuerkauf (Marie-Luise): A note on Sect.o.f.n.
In Celtica 29 (2017), pp. 76–89.
Attempts to reconstruct the first line of a poem on Brug na Bóinne (sometime attr. to Cináed úa hArtacáin), ed. by Lucius Gwynn in Ériu 7.219ff. (cf. Best2 1068a).
Theuerkauf (Marie-Luise): The name of the heroine in Tochmarc Ferbe.
In Celtica 30 (2018), pp. 1–9.
Offers a new interpretation of the name Ferb based on the meaning ‘cow’ (DIL s.v. 1 ferb(b)).
Theuerkauf (Marie-Luise): The road less travelled: Cú Chulainn’s journey to matrimony and the dindshenchas of Tochmarc Emire.
In Landscape and myth in North-Western Europe (2019), pp. 213–238.
Discusses the dinnshenchas sources used in the ‘riddling colloquy’ of Tochmarc Emire, and argues that the itinerary described in it contains a learned allusion to the Túatha Dé Danann and the Fomóiri, respectively represented by Cú Chulainn and Emer, and their conflict, which is overcome by the marriage between the races, thus explaining why Emer is the only suitable match for Cú Chulainn.