Jaski (Bart)

Jaski (Bart): The Vikings and the kingship of Tara.
In Peritia 9 (1995), pp. 310–353.
On the impact of the Vikings in Ireland c. 850-980 and their role in the gradual decline of the Uí Néill.
Jaski (Bart): Marriage laws in Ireland and on the continent in the early Middle Ages.
In The fragility of her sex (1996), pp. 16–42.
Jaski (Bart): Vrouwen in vroeg-middeleeuws Ierland: tussen Keltische gebruiken en Christelijke bepalingen.
In Kelten van Spanje tot Ierland (1996), pp. 43–72.
[(In Dutch:) Women in early medieval Ireland: between Celtic customs and Christian regulations.]
Jaski (Bart): Additional notes to the Annals of Ulster.
In Ériu 48 (1997), pp. 103–152.
Provides identifications, cross-references and corrigenda to names of persons in the pre-Norman entries to AU arranged by year and entry.
Jaski (Bart): Early medieval Irish kingship and the Old Testament.
In EME 7/3 (Nov. 1998), pp. 329–344.
Jaski (Bart): Druim Cett revisited.
In Peritia 12 (1998), pp. 340–350.
AU ad annum 575; criticism of R. Sharpe, Life of St. Columba and the redating of the meeting at Druim Cett to 590.
Jaski (Bart): Cú Chulainn, gormac and dalta of the Ulstermen.
In CMCS 37 (Summer 1999), pp. 1–31.
Examines the institution of fosterage in early Ireland, focusing on the adoption of Cú Chulainn by Conchobar and the other prominent Ulstermen. Discusses in particular the terms: gormac, dalta, nia, mac fóesma, sét gerta (or gairitechta), orba niad and orba dúthrachta. Cf. T. Ó Cathasaigh, in Peritia 5 (1986), pp. 128-160.
Jaski (Bart): Cú Chuimne, Ruben and the compilation of the Collectio canonum Hibernensis.
In Peritia 14 (2000), pp. 51–69.
Jaski (Bart): ‘We are of the Greeks in our origin’: new perspectives on the Irish origin legend.
In CMCS 46 (Winter 2003), pp. 1–53.
Reconstructs the development of the Irish origin legend and discusses the Greek element in the pedigrees of the Gaels. Appendixes contain (1) the pedigrees from Noah to Míl and (2) of Partholón, Góedel and Nemed.
Jaski (Bart): Opsporing verzocht! Conn van de Honderd Verdragen en het raadsel van de opgeloste wettekst.
In Arthur, Brigit, Conn, Deirdre [Fs. Strien-Gerritsen] (2003), pp. 111–128.
[(In Dutch:) Information wanted! Conn of the Hundred Treaties and the riddle of the lost wisdom text.]

Discusses the relationship between the pseudo-historical introduction of Cethairṡlicht athgabálae and its Old-Irish glosses, Aided Chon Roí, Echtra Fergusa meic Leiti, and Aided Chuind Chétchathaig.
Jaski (Bart): The genealogical section of the Psalter of Cashel.
In Peritia 17–18 (2003–2004), pp. 295–337.
Discuses in particular the date and provenance of the Munster genealogies that derive from the Psalter of Cashel.
Genee (Inge) (ed.), Jaski (Bart) (ed.), Smelik (Bernadette) (ed.): Arthur, Brigit, Conn, Deirdre... Verhaal, taal en recht in de Keltische wereld: Liber amicorum voor Leni van Strien-Gerritsen / onder redactie van Inge Genee, Bart Jaski, Bernadette Smelik.
Nijmegen: Stichting A. G. van Hamel voor Keltische Studies, 2003. 206 pp.
p. 13: Publicaties [van L. v. S.-G.]

Rev. by
Freya Verstraten, in Millennium 18 (2005), p. 163-165.
Stefan Zimmer, in ZCP 55 (2006), pp. 251-252.
Strien-Gerritsen (Leni van) (hon.)
Jaski (Bart): Aeneas and Fénius: a classical case of mistaken identity.
In Texts and identities in the early Middle Ages (2006), pp. 15–34.
Investigates the causes and the chronology of the confusion between Latinus of Italy, the father-in-law of Aeneas and Iulus son of Aeneas on the one hand, with Latinus of the Tower, the father-in-law of Fénius, and Nél son of Aeneas on the other in the Irish origin legend, focusing especially in Lebor Gabála (whose various recensions are discussed) and Auraicept na nÉces.
Jaski (Bart): Early Irish examples of the name ‘Arthur’.
In ZCP 56 (2008), pp. 89–105.
Focuses on the adoption of the name by Irish dinasties in both Britain and Ireland in the 6th to 10th centuries.
Jaski (Bart): Medieval Irish genealogies and genetics.
Jaski (Bart): The strange case of Ailill mac Mágach and Cet mac Mátach.