Doyle (Aidan)

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A modern Irish course through Polish.

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Examines the phonology, morphology and syntax of the category of de-adjectival abstract nouns in Irish.
Doyle (Aidan): Noun derivation in Modern Irish: selected categories, rules and suffixes.
Lublin: Wydawnictwo Katolickiego Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego, 1992. 138 pp.
Focuses on abstract nouns denoting quality or state (chap. 2.), agentive nouns (chap. 3), and diminutives (chap. 4).

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Investigates the principles governing the attachment of clitic demonstratives in Irish.
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Studies borrowings into Irish from the 12th to 20th century.
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2nd ed. 2004 (as vol. 2 of Lublin Studies in Celtic Languages).

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Doyle (A.): Forainmneacha agus na foirmeacha táite den mbriathar.
In Ériu 53 (2003), pp. 61–90.
Explores the interrelation of synthetic and analytic verbal forms of Modern Irish within theoretical framework of the Minimalist Program of the 1990s. 0. Introduction; 1. The subject; 2. The empty subject and agreement; 3. The richness of the paradigm and Irish; 4. The structure of the sentence: 4.1 Lexical and grammatical / functional categories; 4.2 The agreement phrase; 4.3 The agreement phrase and pro; 5. The morphology of the pronoun: 5.1 Stressed and unstressed forms; 5.2 The case of the pronoun; 6. Pronouns and synthetic forms: 6.1 Exceptional pattern; 6.2 ‘Non-economical’ forms?; 7. Pronominals and ellipsis; 8. Conclusion.
Doyle (Aidan): The king is dead: unaccusative verbs in Irish.
In Cín chille cúile [Ó Riain essays] (2004), pp. 105–115.
On the syntax of the idiom faigh bás.
Doyle (Aidan): An fhaí chéasta leanúnach sa Nua-Ghaeilge.
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pp. 11-16: Leabharliosta Bh. Uí Bh., tiomsaithe ag Máire de Grás.
Ó Buachalla (Breandán) (hon.)
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Review article of: An Irish-speaking island: state, religion, community, and the linguistic landscape in Ireland, 1770–1870, by Nicholas M. Wolf (Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press, 2014).
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On the reflexes of Lat. parabola in Romance and Irish (i.e. EModIr. baramhail > ModIr. barúil).