Etchingham (Colmán)

Thompson (E. A.): Who was Saint Patrick?
Woodbridge: Boydell, 1985. xv + 192 pp.
Repr., with a new preface by Colmán Etchingham, 1999.

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Etchingham (Colmán) (pref. auth.)
Etchingham (Colmán): The early Irish church: some observations on pastoral care and dues.
In Ériu 42 (1991), pp. 99–118.
Concludes that pastoral care and dues applied consistently only to manach-tenants.
Etchingham (Colmán): The implications of paruchia.
In Ériu 44 (1993), pp. 139–162.
[1.] Paruchia in canons and hagiography; [2.] Córas Béscnai and the ‘Drumlease document’; [3.] Conclusion. Paruchia refers to the pastoral jurisdiction of a bishop and not to a federation of geographicaly dispersed monasteries.
Etchingham (Colmán): Bishops in the early Irish church: a reassessment.
In StH 28 (1994), pp. 35–62.
Discusses episcopal status, powers and jurisdiction, with particular reference to the Collectio canonum Hibernensis.
Etchingham (Colmán): Evidence of Scandinavian settlement in Wicklow.
In Wicklow history & society (1994), pp. 113–138.
Etchingham (Colmán): Early medieval Irish history.
In Progress in medieval Irish studies (1996), pp. 123–153.
Etchingham (Colmán): Viking raids on Irish church settlements in the ninth century: a reconsideration of the annals.
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Etchingham (Colmán) (ed.): The idea of monastic austerity in early Ireland.
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Etchingham (Colmán): Church organisation in Ireland, a. d. 650 to 1000.
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Etchingham (Colmán), Swift (Catherine): Early Irish church organization: the case of Drumlease and the Book of Armagh.
In Breifne 9/37 (2001), pp. 285–313.
1. Drumlease and the Additamenta, by C. Etchingham; 2. Drumlease and Tírechán, by. C. Swift.
Etchingham (Colmán), Swift (Catherine): English and Pictish terms for brooch in an 8th-century Irish law-text.
In Medieval archaeology 48 (2004), pp. 31–49.
On the reference in Bretha nemed toísech (in CIH vi 2223.18-23) to brooches as pledges and the significance of the use of loaned terminology (briar from Old English and catit/cartait from Pictish) in this legal passage.
Etchingham (Colmán): Pastoral provision in the first millennium: a two-tier service?
Etchingham (Colmán): The location of historical Laithlinn/Lochla(i)nn: Scotland or Scandinavia?
Etchingham (Colmán): Viking-age Gwynedd and Ireland: political relations.
In Ireland and Wales in the Middle Ages (2007), pp. 149–167.
Etchingham (Colmán): Laithlinn, ‘fair foreigners’ and ‘dark foreigners’: the identity and provenance of Vikings in ninth-century Ireland.
In The Viking Age (2010), pp. 80–88.
Etchingham (Colmán): The battle of Cenn Fúait, 917: location and military significance.
In Peritia 21 (2010), pp. 208–232.
Argues in favour of a location in the vicinity of St. Mullins, Co. Carlow.

Appendix: The Annals for 917 [from AU, CS, AFM, with English translation].
Etchingham (Colmán): Bishops, church and people: how Christian was ‘early Christian Ireland’?
Etchingham (Colmán): The organization and function of an early Irish church settlement: what was Glendalough?
In Glendalough (2011), pp. 22–53.
Etchingham (Colmán): The Viking impact on Glendalough.
In Glendalough (2011), pp. 211–222.
Etchingham (Colmán): The ‘reform’ of the Irish in the eleventh and twelfth centuries.
In StH 37 (2011), pp. 215–237.
Review article of: Marie Therese Flanagan, The transformation of the Irish church in the twelfth century (Woodbridge: Boydell, 2010).
Etchingham (Colmán): Names for the Vikings in Irish annals.
In Celtic-Norse relationships (2014), pp. 23–38.
Genti, Gaill, Nordmanni, Nortmainn, Laithlinn, Gaill-Goídil, Dubgaill/Dubgenti, Finngaill/Finngenti.
Etchingham (Colmán): Skuldelev 2 and Viking-age ships and fleets in Ireland.
In Clerics, kings and Vikings [Ó Corráin essays] (2015), pp. 79–90.
Examines references in the annals to Irish naval activity.
Etchingham (Colmán): Vikings in Annagassan: the evidence of the annals and the wider context.
In The Vikings in Ireland and beyond (2015), pp. 117–128.
Reassesses annalistic material on Linn Duachaill.
Etchingham (Colmán): Conversion in Ireland.
In Converting the isles I (2016), pp. 181–207.
Ashman Rowe (Elizabeth), Etchingham (Colmán), Ní Mhaonaigh (Máire), Sigurðsson (Jón Viðar): Norse–Gaelic contacts in a Viking world: studies in the literature and history of Norway, Iceland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man.
Turnhout: Brepols, 2019. xii + 439 pp. illus., tabs. (Medieval texts and cultures of Northern Europe, 29).
Chap. 1 (pp. 1-41): Norse–Gaelic contacts in a Viking world: concept and context; chap. 2 (pp. 43-121): The ‘Wonders of Ireland’ in Konungs skuggsjá: text, sources, context; chap. 3 (pp. 123-196): Baile Suthach Síth Emhna, a poem to Raghnall, king of Man: text and context; chap. 4 (pp. 197-264): The Battle of Clontarf in Icelandic sources; chap. 5 (pp. 265-363): Kjarvalr Írakonungr and Gaelic ancestry in Iceland.