Ó hAodha (Donncha)

Ó hAodha (Donncha): The early lives of Saint Brigit.
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Ó hAodha (Donncha) (ed.): Bethu Brigte / edited by Donncha Ó hAodha.
Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1978. xxx + 91 pp.
Text (acephalous) from Rawlinson B 512 (§§14-16 include text of a parallel passage from Mícheál Ó Cléirigh’s Life of Brigit in Brussels 4190-200); followed by the Middle Irish appendix to the life (under the title Slicht sain in so budesta). With English translation, textual notes, linguistic notes, and indexes.

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Ó hAodha (Donncha): The lament of the Old Woman of Beare.
In Sages, saints and storytellers [Fs. Carney] (1989), pp. 308–331.
Text based on TCD H 3. 18, with English translation and textual notes.
Ó hAodha (Donncha): Gluaiseanna Würzburg: an t-ábhar iontu.
In LCC 20 (1990), pp. 49–60.
Ó hAodha (Donncha): The first Middle Irish metrical tract.
In Metrics and the media (1991), pp. 207–244.
Includes a list of the metres associated with every grade.
Ó hAodha (Donncha): An bhairdne i dtús a ré.
In LCC 24 (1994), pp. 9–20.
Discusses the metrical tract entitled Córus bard cona bairdne (Mittelirische Verslehren I, ed. by R. Thurneysen 1891 [Best1, p. 53]). Includes a list of the metres associated with every grade.
Ó hAodha (Donncha): The poetic vision of the voyage of Snégdus and Mac Ríagla.
In Dán do oide [Ó Cléirigh essays] (1997), pp. 419–429.
Ó hAodha (Donncha): The voyage of Snédgus and Mac Ríagla.
In Aspects of Celticity (2000), pp. 17–30.
English translation of the prose and verse, based on the earliest version found in YBL.
Ó hAodha (Donncha): Rechtgal úa Síadail, a famous poet of the Old Irish period.
In Seanchas [Fs. Byrne] (2000), pp. 192–198.
Discusses five quatrains attributed to Rechtgal cited in Middle Irish poetic and learned tracts: 1. Donnchad dia-n-fich domun daigthech; 2. Muirgius muir tar bruinne Banba; 3. Badbrí cúicid Hérend uile; 4. Mad nodléana (na) crecht for talmuin; 5. Slicht a da gai tria cach mualach. With English translation.
Ó hAodha (Donncha): The first Middle-Irish metrical tract: two notes.
In Peritia 16 (2002), pp. 232–241.
1. On the additional metrical examples added to the various manuscript versions of Mittelirische Verslehren I; 2. ad AU 840.4 = Kuno Meyer, Bruchstücke der älteren Lyrik Irlands p.10 §15 [Is hē Feidilmith in rı̄]; read éit rige.
Ó hAodha (Donncha): A note on the metre of Félire Uí Gormáin.
In A companion in linguistics [Fs. Ahlqvist] (2005), pp. 117–120.
Ó hAodha (Donncha): Nóta ar úsáid na Laidine i mbeatha Shean-Ghaeilge Naomh Bríd.
In Diasa díograise [Ó Briain essays] (2009), pp. 355–361.
Ó hAodha (Donncha): A further note on the metre of Félire Uí Gormáin.
In Saltair saíochta [Fs. Mac Eoin] (2013), pp. 315–318.
Ó Baoill (Dónall) (ed.), Ó hAodha (Donncha) (ed.), Ó Muraíle (Nollaig) (ed.): Saltair saíochta, sanasaíochta agus seanchais: a festschrift for Gearóid Mac Eoin / Dónall Ó Baoill, Donncha Ó hAodha and Nollaig Ó Muraíle, editors.
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pp. xvi-xix: Liosta tofa d’fhoilseacháin Ghearóid Mhic Eoin [1960-2011].

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Mac Eoin (Gearóid) (hon.)