Bauer (Bernhard)

Bauer (Bernhard): Parallel Old Irish and Old Breton glosses on Priscian’s Institutiones grammaticae.
In Linguistic and philological studies in Early Irish (2014), pp. 31–52.
Studies five Latin lemmata that were glossed both in Old Irish and in Old Breton in the course of the manuscript tradition of the Institutiones: 1. OIr. gl. pix; 2. bélat gl. competum; 3. OIr. glés and marcír gl. striglis; 4. cucan(n) gl. penus, etc.; 5. torc allid gl. aper.
Bauer (Bernhard): Sg. 197b10 (=197b31 ee).
In KF 7 (2015–2016), pp. 7–15.
Suggests reading ni·ern etargna and proposes a new interpretation and translation.
Bauer (Bernhard): New and corrected MS readings of the Old Irish glosses in the Vienna Bede.
In Ériu 67 (2017), pp. 29–48.
MS Vienna 15298.
Bauer (Bernhard): The story of the monk and the devil.
In ZCP 65 (2018), pp. 1–27.
Compares two versions of an episode from the ‘Monastery of Tallaght’, preserved in RIA C i 2 and 3 B 23. With dipl. and norm. texts, Engl. transls., and discussion of selected linguistic features.