Nic Dhonnchadha (Aoibheann)

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A biographical note accompanied by two pieces of material collected c. 1955 by R. B. Breatnach in Ceann an Bhathala (Helvick Head), Co. Waterford.
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1400-1700. Also publ. with references in Irish journal of medical science 169/3 (Jul.-Sep., 2000), pp. 217-20.
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An account of the MS collection in Coláiste na Rinne, including the MS collection of Dr Risteard de Hindeberg (Henebry).
de Hindeberg (Risteard) (ref.)
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Discusses the textual history of this medical tract. Aguisín 1: List of texts from Rosa Anglica edited by W. W.; Aguisín 2: Manuscripts and contents of Rosa Anglica; Aguisín 3: Interpolations found in Rosa Anglica.
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Aguisín 1: Foilseacháin W. W.
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Three personal letters written by Risteird de Hindeberg al. Richard Henebry (1863–1916).
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List of contents of an early modern Irish medical ms.
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Includes a biographical account of W. Wulff (1895–1946).