McGonagle (Noel)

McGonagle (Noel): Lenition of initial consonant of cluin-.
In Éigse 16/1 (Samhradh, 1975), pp. 67–68.
McGonagle (Noel): Some present tense terminations.
In Éigse 16/3 (Samhradh, 1976), pp. 203–214.
1. -(a)idh / -(e)ann; 2. -(e)anntar; 3. -(e)anns.
McGonagle (Noel): Three Ulster features.
In Éigse 16/3 (Samhradh, 1976), pp. 215–220.
1. Lenition after iongantach [and millteanach]; 2. i bhfus: On the development from adverb to quaisi-imperative: 'here’ > 'give me’; 3. Tá mé ina shuidhe: On the generalisation of 3rd masc. poss. in ina shuidhe, ina sheasamh, etc. in Ulster and Man.
McGonagle (Noel): The present tense flexionless termination.
In Éigse 16/4 (Geimhreadh, 1976), pp. 275–283.
beir, bheir, cluin, ghní, deir, gheibh, tchí, ith, t(h)ig, t(h)éigh / t(h)éid.
McGonagle (Noel): On the qualitative adjective.
In Éigse 17/1 (Samhradh, 1977), pp. 105–108.
ad N. McGonagle, in Éigse 16/3 (1976), pp. 215-217. Focuses on the use of qualitative adjectives (e.g. iongantach) following plural nouns.
McGonagle (Noel): The imperative forms déana/deana.
In Éigse 17/2 (Geimhreadh, 1977–1978), pp. 203–207.
McGonagle (Noel): The pres. fut. stem of the irregular verb.
In Éigse 17/4 (Geimhreadh, 1978–1979), pp. 537–544.
[1.] béarann; [2.] bhéarann; [3.] déarann; [4.] g(h)eobhann, fuigheann; [5.] íosann; [6.] tiocann; [7.] rachann; [8.] tchífeann; [9.] dhéanann; [10.] béann.
McGonagle (Noel): Tá rud éigin a cheithre orm.
In Éigse 18/2 (1981), pp. 299–303.
Ceithre 'need etc.' in E. Ul. idiom tá rud éigin a cheithre orm < ciorrbhadh 'cutting off, cutting short’.
McGonagle (Noel): Migration of verbal terminations.
In Ériu 37 (1986), pp. 93–97.
On the analogical spread of certain verbal endings, some of which gain independent pronominal status, e.g. -(e)as (1 sg.); -(a)is, -(a)inns, -(a)ir, -, -f(a)í (2 sg.); (-)mar, -(e)amuid, -muis(t) (1 pl.); (-)dar, -(a)id, -dís(t) (3 pl.); -f(e)á, -tf(a)í (impers.); -f(e)ar, -(e)adh, -(e)as (impers.) with irregular verbs; -t(e)ars, -th(e)ars, -f(e)ars (impers.).
McGonagle (Noel), Wagner (Heinrich): Phonetische Texte aus Dunquin, County Kerry (Punkt 20 des Linguistic atlas and survey of Irish dialects).
In ZCP 42 (1987), pp. 219–241.
Contains 15 texts with phonetic transcription recorded in situ from storytellers Peig Sayers and Máire Ruiséal. Complements Oral literature from Dunquin, County Kerry, ed. by H. Wagner and N. Mac Congail, Belfast 1983.

Continues in ZCP 44 (1991), 200-235.

McGonagle (Noel): The irregular verb in Modern Irish. Part I: beir.
In ZCP 42 (1987), pp. 311–318.
Investigates the inflexion of beir in the Modern Irish dialects. To be continued.
Mc Gonagle (Noel): Varia: IV. Réamhfhocail agus aidiachtaí sealbhacha a agus ár.
In Ériu 39 (1988), pp. 199–202.
The insertion of -n- before 3 sg. / pl. and 1 pl. possessive adjectives, usually (though not always) following prepositions ending in a vowel. Compare similar insertion of -án- in Cois Fhairrge.
McGonagle (Noel): Varia: V. A genitive plural termination.
In Ériu 40 (1989), pp. 187–189.
On the gen. pl. terminations -ann and -ach in dialects of Ulster and north Connacht.
McGonagle (Noel): The irregular verb clois/cluin in Modern Irish.
In Éigse 23 (1989), pp. 196–204.
McGonagle (Noel), Wagner (H.): Phonetische Texte aus Dunquin, County Kerry (Punkt 20 des Linguistic atlas and survey of Irish dialects.
In ZCP 44 (1991), pp. 200–235.
Continued from ZCP 42 (1987), 219-241.
McGonagle (N.), Wagner (H.): Téacsanna as Carna.
In ZCP 47 (1995), pp. 93–175.
13 Irish texts with phonetic transcription, English summaries and folkloristic notes.
McGonagle (Noel): The irregular verb ith in modern Irish dialects.
In Miscellanea Wagner (1997), pp. 277–280.