Evans (David Ellis)

(1933 – 2013)

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ad C. Watkins in BILL 1436.
Evans (D. Ellis): A comparison of the formation of some Continental and early Insular Celtic personal names.
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Paper read to the 4th ICCS, Rennes 1971.
Evans (D. Ellis): A comparison of the formation of some continental and early insular Celtic personal names.
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Evans (D. Ellis): Gaulish dugiiontiio or dugiionti to?
In ZCP 33 (1974), pp. 19–22.
Speculates on the possibility that RIG L-4 may attest a Continental Celtic preposition to.
Evans (D. Ellis): The contribution of (non-Celtiberian) Continental Celtic to the reconstruction of the Celtic ‘Grundsprache’.
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Evans (D. Ellis): Some Celtic forms in cant-.
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On the Celtic precursor of OIr. cét(-) (noun and prefix).
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Sep. issued London: O.U.P., 1981. [same pagin.]
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Evans (D. Ellis): Language contact in Pre-Roman and Roman Britain.
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With preliminary remarks on the question of linguistic substratum in Britain and Ireland.
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Evans (D. Ellis) (hon.)
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In ZCP 49–50 (1997), pp. 1–27.
Discusses definitions and conceptions of Celtic Studies and surveys the attitudes towards this academic field.
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Describes the work of the following Celticists: E. Lhuyd, J. K. Zeuß, H. W. Ebel, W. Stokes, J. Rhys, E. Windisch, L. C. Stern, J. Loth, H. Zimmer, C. Plummer, R. Thurneysen, K. Meyer, J. Strachan.