Russell (Paul)

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Harvey (A.) (ref.)
Russell (Paul): Varia: I. 1. Prepositional derivatives in Irish.
In Ériu 36 (1985), pp. 163–166.
[1.] aitire ` surtetyship, surety’; [2.] aire (i) ? ‘lack / increase’, (ii) ‘watching over’.
Russell (Paul): Varia: I. 2. no allabrig n-aí (Bechbretha §§6, 25).
In Ériu 36 (1985), pp. 166–168.
Tentatively translates allabrig n-aí as ‘one of the two bríg'.
Russell (Paul): The sounds of a silence: the growth of Cormac’s glossary.
In CMCS 15 (Summer, 1988), pp. 1–30.
Incl. survey of extant native glossaries and their MS versions.
Russell (Paul): The Celtic preverb *uss and related matters.
In Ériu 39 (1988), pp. 95–126.
Russell (Paul): Preverbs, prepositions and adverbs: sigmatic and asigmatic.
In TPhS 86/2 (Nov., 1988), pp. 144–172.
Studies the alternance of sigmatic and asigmatic preverbs in the Indo-European languages, paying special attention to the rise of sigmatic preverbs in Old Irish deuterotonic compounds.
Russell (Paul) (revr.): Varia: 1. Táin bó Regamna.
In ÉtC 25 (1988), pp. 247–254.
Review article of: Táin bó Regamna: eine Vorerzählung zur Táin bó Cúailnge, by. J. Corthals (Wien: Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1987).
Russell (Paul): Celtic word formation: the velar suffixes.
Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1990. xii + 242 pp.
pp. 108-116: Irish -óc/-uc; pp. 131-135: Irish -ach and d(a)e.

App. V contains a collection of derivatives formed with the suffixes -ach/-ech and óc/-óg.

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1. íarus; 2. imbas for·osnai; 3 lúathrinde.
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Chap. 3 (pp. 69-110): Irish.

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Russell (Paul): ‘Verdunkelte Komposita’ in Celtic.
In StC 30 (1996), pp. 113–125.
Studies the status of the Old Irish compositional elements -rad/-red, -mor, -lach/-lech, -amail, -ur, -aig-, -gal, -bach, -fad(ach).
Russell (Paul): Dúil Dromma Cetta and Cormac’s Glossary.
In ÉtC 32 (1996), pp. 147–174.
Investigates the textual history of Dúil Dromma Cetta and examines the relationship of this text to Sanas Cormaic.

Appendix 1 contains (a) a transcription of the legible parts of Egerton 1782 fol. 15 and (b) a transcription of TCD H 1. 13 pp. 361-362; Appendix 2 contains a sample concordance to Dúil Dromma Cetta.

Russell (Paul): Laws, glossaries and legal glossaries in early Ireland.
In ZCP 51 (1999), pp. 85–115.
Considers the legal material attested in early Irish glossaries, and studies in particular the citations from Senchas már and Bretha nemed extant in Cormac’s Glossary, arguing that groups of glossae collectae extracted from the manuscripts containing these texts intervened in its compilation.
Russell (Paul): Moth, toth, traeth: sex, gender and the early Irish grammarian.
In History of linguistics 1996 (1999), pp. 203–213.
Discusses the sets of terms for grammatical gender in Auraicept na n-éces.
Russell (Paul): Graece …Latine: Graeco-Latin glossaries in early medieval Ireland.
In Peritia 14 (2000), pp. 406–420.
Investigates the sources of Greek material in Irish vernacular glossaries (particularly Sanas Cormaic).
Russell (Paul): Virgilius filius Ramuth: Irish scribes and Irish nomenclature.
In Peritia 14 (2000), pp. 432–433.
Suggests this version of the name of Virgilius Maro Grammaticus preserved in Ars Sergi(li)i results from the misreading of an abbreviated form.
Russell (Paul): Nósa Ua Maine: ‘The customs of the Uí Mhaine’.
In Welsh king and his court (2000), pp. 527–551.
Edition and English translation, from RIA MS Stowe D ii 1.
Charles-Edwards (Thomas M.) (ed.), Owen (Morfydd E.) (ed.), Russell (Paul) (ed.): The Welsh king and his court / edited by T. M. Charles-Edwards, Morfydd E. Owen and Paul Russell.
Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2000.
Published on behalf of the History and Law Committee of the Board of Celtic Studies.

pp. 561-575: Glossary [of Welsh, Irish and Latin legal terms].

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OIr. (Cormac’s Glossary) ceinticul, cennticul, etc.
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Focuses on Sanas Cormaic, Dúil Dromma Cetta and O’Mulconry’s glossary.
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Compared to OIr. fo-cridigedar.
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Russell (Paul): Fern do frestol na .u. consaine: perceptions of sound laws, sound change, and linguistic borrowing among the medieval Irish.
In Laws and rules in Indo-European (2012), pp. 17–30.
Particularly on the correspondence between Irish f- and Latin u-/v-, as expounded in Corm. Y §576 and §606.
Russell (Paul): In aliis libris: adaptation, re-working and transmission in the commentaries to Amra Choluim Chille.
In Authorities and adaptations (2014), pp. 63–93.
Discusses the development of the three earliest versions of commentary on the Amra (as preserved in LU, Liber hymnorum, and Rawl. B 502) by means of a detailed study of the sections of commentary on §§ 4 and 52.
Russell (Paul): Horticultural genealogy and genealogical horticulture: the metaphors of W. plant and OIr. cland.
In Rhetoric and reality in medieval Celtic literature [Melia studies] (2014), pp. 155–172.
Discusses the origin of the post-classical senses (‘plant’ and ‘offspring’) with which Lat. planta (‘sole of the foot’; ‘plant cutting’) was borrowed into Irish.
Henley (Georgia) (ed.), Russell (Paul) (ed.), Eska (Joseph F.) (assist. ed.): Rhetoric and reality in medieval Celtic literature: studies in honor of Daniel F. Melia / Georgia Henley, Paul Russell: editors; with the collaboration of Joseph F. Eska.
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pp. xix-xxv: Bibliography of D.M., comp. by Karen E. Burgess.
Melia (Daniel Frederick) (hon.)
Russell (Paul): Beyond Juvencus: an Irish context for some Old Welsh glossing?
In Early medieval Ireland and Europe [Fs. Ó Cróinín] (2015), pp. 203–214.
Suggests some Old Welsh glosses in MS Bodl. Auctarium F IV 32 may have been created in an Irish influenced context.
Russell (Paul): Verbal nouns in Celtic.
In Word-formation [= HSK 40] (2015), pp. 1230–1241.
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Papers arising from a workshop held in Oxford, April 2013.

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