Rowland (Jenny)

Rowland (Jenny): The prose setting of the early Welsh englynion chwedlonol.
In Ériu 36 (1985), pp. 29–43.
On the use of prose and verse in narrative literature; discusses Irish evidence.
Ball (Martin J.) (ed.), Fife (James) (ed.), Poppe (Erich) (ed.), Rowland (Jenny) (ed.): Celtic linguistics = ieithyddiaeth Geltaidd: readings in the Brythonic languages. Festschrift for T. Arwyn Watkins / edited by Martin J. Ball, James Fife, Erich Poppe and Jenny Rowland.
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Watkins (T. Arwyn) (hon.)
Roberts (Richard Glyn), Rowland (Jenny): Un homologue du ‘morceau du champion’ en ancien français.
In Medieval imagination (2012), pp. 82–88.
Discusses a parallel to the curad mír found in the 14th-century Vœux du paon.