Innes (Sìm)

Innes (Sìm): Is eagal liom lá na hagra: devotion to the Virgin in the later medieval Gàidhealtachd.
Innes (Sìm): Fionn in Hell.
In SGS 29 (2013), pp. 21–53.
Innes (Sìm): Gaelic religious poetry in Scotland: the Book of the Dean of Lismore.
Innes (Sìm): Fionn and Ailbhe’s riddles between Ireland and Scotland.
In Ollam [Fs. Ó Cathasaigh] (2016), pp. 271–285.
Suggests that a direct line of written sources connects the riddles in Tochmarc Ailbe with those collected in Islay in 1860 by Hector MacLean (published in J. F. Campbell's Popular tales of the West Highlands, Vol. III).