Joseph (Lionel S.)

Joseph (Lionel S.): The treatment of *CR̥H- and the origin of CaRa- in Celtic.
In Ériu 33 (1982), pp. 31–57.
Consideration of the concept ‘morphological zero grade’.
Joseph (Lionel S.): Varia: VI. Old Irish tuir, ‘house-post’.
In Ériu 33 (1982), pp. 176–177.
Joseph (Lionel S.): A survival from the Italo-Celtic legal vocabulary.
In Ériu 37 (1986), pp. 119–125.
OIr. líthech ‘accused person’ (cf. liïd ‘accuses’) and Lat. lı̄s, lı̄tis ‘lawsuit’; also OIr. ad ‘law’, adae ‘due, fitting, proper’, adas ‘suitable, appropriate to’ and Umbrian arsie ‘sancte’, etc; OIr. coll ‘injury, violation’ and Lat. culpa ‘blame’; cf. *-din- in trédenus ‘three days’ and Lat. nundinum ‘nine days’.
Joseph (Lionel S.): The origin of the Celtic denominatives in *-sag-.
In Cowgill studies (1987), pp. 113–159.
Part I: Old Irish [on the -(a)igithir type].
Joseph (Lionel S.): The inflexion of OIr. crú.
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Joseph (Lionel S.): Varia: I. Archaic OIr. aisnde.
In Ériu 40 (1989), pp. 179–180.
ad J. Jasanoff, TPS 84/1 (1986), pp. 132-141; aisnde ‘declare’ also belongs to class of `si-imperatives’.
Jasanoff (J.) (ref.)
Joseph (Lionel): Old Irish : a naïve reinterpretation.