Ingridsdotter (Kicki)

Ingridsdotter (Kicki): Aided Derbforgaill: the violent death of Derbforgaill. A critical edition with introduction, translation and textual notes.
Uppsala: Uppsala Universitet, 2009. 131 pp.
Ingridsdotter (Kicki): Motivation for incest: Clothru and the Battle of Druim Criaich.
In SCF 10 (2013), pp. 45–63.
Discusses the episode of Clothru’s incest with her brothers, found in Aided Meidbe, the prose and metrical dindshenchas of Druim Criaich, and Cath Boinde.
Ingridsdotter (Kicki): Death from emotion in early Irish literature.
In Ulidia 3 (2013), pp. 87–95.