Scott (Brian George)

Scott (B. G.): ‘Tribes’ and ‘tribalism’ in early Ireland.
In Ogam 22–25 (1970–1973), pp. 197–208.
Scott (B. G.): Varia: II. 1. Early Irish cáer; 2. iarn aithlegtha; 3. crédumae.
In Ériu 32 (1981), pp. 153–157.
On the interpretation of various terms relating to metal.
Scott (B. G.): Goldworking terms in early Irish writings.
In ZCP 38 (1981), pp. 242–254.
Investigates the meaning of several compounds and expressions containing OIr. ór.
Scott (B. G.): Some conflicts and correspondences of evidence in the study of Irish archaeology and language.
In Studies on early Ireland [Duignan essays] (1982), pp. 115–119.
1. Salt [OIr. salann, murluaithe]; 2. Metal sources, metalworkers, metalworking sites and metallulrgical processes; 3. Gold in early Irish language and archaeology [OIr. ór].
Scott (B. G.) (ed.): Studies on early Ireland: essays in honour of M. V. Duignan / edited by B. G. Scott.
Belfast: Association of Young Irish Archaeologists, 1982. 144 pp.
Duignan (Michael V.) (hon.)
Scott (B. G.): An early Irish law tract on the blacksmith’s forge.
In JIA 1 (1983), pp. 59–62.
Examines the Old Irish legal treatise Blai ord indeoin (no edition, partial translation based on Ancient laws of Ireland).
Scott (B. G.): Early Irish ironworking.
Belfast: Ulster Museum, 1990. 237 pp. figs. tabs. plts.
Chap. 7: The evidence of language and literature (incl. §7.7 A glossary of early Irish ironworking terms).

Rev. by
Michael N. Geselowitz, in Journal of field archaeology 19/2 (Summer, 1992), pp. 224-228.
Hunter (Robert J.), McHugh (Ronan), Scott (Brian G.): The use of cannon against Enagh Castle, County Londonderry.
In UJA 70 (2011), pp. 83–110.
Includes a comment on AFM s.a. 1555, explaining the meaning of the Irish term an gonna cam.

Addendum in UJA 71 (2012), p. 87.