Qiu (Fangzhe)

Qiu (Fangzhe): Wandering cows and obscure words: a rimeless poem from legal manuscripts and beyond.
In SCF 10 (2013), pp. 91–111.
Ascribed to Fachtna mac Sencha; beg. Forda-midiur trí dírniu arrae ar téora ferba fíra. Critical edition, from MSS TCD H 3. 17, H 3. 18, and Rawlinson B 502; with English translation, textual notes, and discussion of the textual transmission.
Qiu (Fangzhe): Narratives in early Irish law: a typological study.
In Medieval Irish law (2013), pp. 111–141.
Qiu (Fangzhe): A note on comaccomol.
In Celtica 28 (2016), pp. 201–207.
Argues the term comaccomol in Din techtugud is calquing Lat. coniunctio in the specialised sense of `(state of) co-inheritance’.
Qiu (Fangzhe): The Ulster Cycle in the law tracts.
In Ulidia 4 (2017), pp. 9–22.