Slotkin (Edgar Morris)

(1943 – 2015)

Slotkin (Edgar M.): The structure of Fled Bricrenn before and after the Lebor na hUidre interpolations.
In Ériu 29 (1978), pp. 64–77.
Explains the ‘illogical’ narrative structure of the LU text as a result of problems facing the interpolator as scribe, and suggests that MSS Egerton 93, TCD H 3.17, Leiden, Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit Vossianus lat. qu. 7, NLS Adv. 72.1.40 better preserve the exemplar used by the interpolator of the LU text. Includes a reconstructed order of the narrative of the LU text.
Slotkin (Edgar M.): Medieval Irish scribes and fixed texts.
In Éigse 17/4 (Geimhreadh 1978–1979), pp. 437–450.
Slotkin (Edgar M.): Folkloristics and medieval Celtic philology: a theoretical model.
Slotkin (Edgar M.): Noínden: its semantic range.
Slotkin (Edgar M.): Two Irish literary manuscripts in the Mid-West.
In Éigse 25 (1991), pp. 56–80.
Two 19th c. paper manuscripts previously owned by Prof. Slotkin of Cincinnati, now housed in the School of Celtic Studies Library, Dublin. Dunnington MS 1: Ossianic verse, romances and miscellaneous poetry; scribe: William Breatnach. Dunnington MS 2: Leabhar Dubh Breatnaigh: verse; scribe: Tomás Ó hIceadha. With indexes.
Slotkin (Edgar M.): What allows fixed texts to enter Gaelic oral tradition?
In Re(Oralisierung) (1996), pp. 55–65.
Slotkin (Edgar M.): A note on early Irish prosody.
In Celtic florilegium [O Hehir studies] (1996), pp. 165–168.
Slotkin (Edgar M.): More on modified narrative repetition in Fled Bricrenn.
In Ildánach ildírech [Fs. Mac Cana] (1999), pp. 231–244.
Slotkin (Edgar M.): Maelgwn Gwynedd: speculations on a common Celtic legend pattern.
Eska (Joseph F.) (ed.): Narrative in Celtic tradition: essays in honor of Edgar M. Slotkin / Joseph E. Eska, editor.
CSANAY, 8–9. Hamilton, NY: Colgate University Press, 2011. xxii + 291 pp.
pp. xix-xx: Bibliography of E.M.S.
Slotkin (Edgar M.) (hon.)