Scowcroft (Richard Mark)

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For part II, see Ériu 39 (1988), pp. 1-66.
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Continued from Ériu 38 (1987), 81-142. Includes addenda & corrigenda to part I.
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[1.] Etymological narrative; [2.] The drink of sovereignty; [3.] History and mythology; [4.] Le borgne et le manchot; [5.] Narrative inversion; [6.] Conclusions.
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ad §7.4-8 (as ed. by. J. Carey, in Ériu 45 (1994), pp. 1-32); discusses the term recht fáide ‘the law of prophets’, and concludes that the story of the origins of Senchus már implicitly compares native Irish learning with traditional divisions of the Old Testament as set forth by St. Jerome and Isidore of Seville among others.
Carey (J.) (ref.)
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Engl. transl. of §§11-17.