O’Loughlin (Thomas)

O’Loughlin (Thomas): The exegetical purpose of Adomnán’s De Locis Sanctis.
In CMCS 24 (Winter 1992), pp. 37–53.
Argues that Adomnán’s intent is to facilitate the interpretation of the Scriptures through the study of their topography, as advocated by St. Augustine in De Doctrina Christiana.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The earliest world maps known in Ireland.
In HI 1/1 (Spring 1993), pp. 7–10.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The Latin version of the Scriptures in Iona in the late seventh century: the evidence from Adomnán’s De Locis Sanctis.
In Peritia 8 (1994), pp. 18–26.
De Locis Sanctis provides no evidence for the presence of a text of the Vetus Latina or the Septuagint in the library of Iona in the last quarter of the seventh century; quotations from these texts may have been drawn from an intermediate source.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The library of Iona in the late seventh century: the evidence from Adomnán’s De Locis Sanctis.
In Ériu 45 (1994), pp. 33–52.
Incl. app. listing books claimed for Iona.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Adomnán the Illustrious.
In IR 46/1 (Spring 1995), pp. 1–14.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The Latin sources of medieval Latin culture: a partial status quaestionis.
In Progress in medieval Irish studies (1996), pp. 91–105.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The view from Iona: Adomnán’s mental maps.
In Peritia 10 (1996), pp. 98–122.
Studies Adamnán’s spatial and temporal view of the world, with reference to De locis sanctis.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Adomnáin’s De Locis Sanctis: a textual emendation and an additional source identification.
In Ériu 48 (1997), pp. 37–40.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Res, tempus, locus, persona: Adomnán’s exegetical method.
In IR 48/2 (Autumn 1997), pp. 95–111.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Marriage and sexuality in the Hibernensis.
In Peritia 11 (1997), pp. 188–206.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Distant islands: the topography of holiness in the Nauigatio sancti Brendani.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Res, tempus, locus, persona: Adomnán’s exegetical method.
In Spes Scotorum (1999), pp. 139–158.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): St. Patrick: the man and his works.
London: Triangle/SPCK, 1999. 120 pp.
Incl. English translation of the Confessio and the Epistola.

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O’Loughlin (Thomas) (ed.): The scriptures and early medieval Ireland: proceedings of the 1993 conference of the Society for Hiberno-Latin Studies on early Irish exegesis and homiletics / edited by Thomas O’Loughlin.
IPM, 31. Steenbrugge; Turnhout: in Abbatia Sancti Petri; Brepols, 1999. (Instrumenta patristica et mediaevalia, 31).
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Gilbert Márkus, in IR 52/2 (Autumn, 2001), pp. 212-213.
Donnchadh Ó Corráin, in Peritia 13 (1999), pp. 360-362.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The plan of the new Jerusalem in the Book of Armagh.
In CMCS 39 (Summer 2000), pp. 23–38.
Argues that the diagram on fol. 171r is a studied attempt at the exegesis of the text of the Apocalypse.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The diffusion of Adomnán’s De Locis Sanctis in the medieval period.
In Ériu 51 (2000), pp. 93–106.
[1.] Introduction; [2.] Adomnán in the Latin tradition; [3.] Can the number of extant manuscripts be equated with influence?; [4.] Manuscripts of Admonán’s De Locis Sanctis; [5.] Catalogue references to De Locis Sanctis; [6.] Adomnán’s indirect influence; [7.] Conclusion. Incl. app.: ‘Checklist of extant or known copies of Adomnán’s De Locis Sanctis'.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The tombs of the saints: their significance for Adomnán.
In Studies in Irish hagiography (2001), pp. 1–14.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Adomnán: a man of many parts.
In Adomnán at Birr, AD 697 (2001), pp. 41–51.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Monasteries and manuscripts: the transmission of Latin learning in early medieval Ireland.
O’Loughlin (Thomas) (ed.): Adomnán at Birr, AD 697: essays in commemoration of the law of the innocents / Thomas O’Loughlin, editor.
Dublin: Four Courts, 2001. 77 pp.
Papers from a conference held at Birr, June 1997.

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O’Loughlin (Thomas): ‘A Celtic theology’: some awkward questions and observations.
In Identifying the Celtic (2002), pp. 49–65.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Muirchú's theology of conversion in his Vita Patricii.
In Celts and Christians (2002), pp. 124–145.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Reading Muirchú's Tara-event within its background as a biblical ‘trial of divinities’.
In Celtic hagiography (2003), pp. 123–135.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Perceiving Palestine in Early Christian Ireland: Martyrium, exegetical key, relic and liturgical space.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 125–137.
Emphasizes the theological purpose of the work, arguing that it offers an idealized, rather than a practical, depiction of the Holy Land.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Muirchú's poisoned cup: a note on its sources.
In Ériu 56 (2006), pp. 157–162.
Argues that Muirchú's cup incident between St. Patrick and Lucet Máel is modelled on Gregory of Tours’ hagiographical motif of preservation from poison, used to show the holiness of the saints.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Theology, philosophy and cosmography.
In EHSL 1 (2007), pp. 115–122.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The myth of insularity and nationality in Ireland.
In Myth in Celtic literatures (2007), pp. 132–140.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The biblical text of the Book of Deer (C.U.L. Ii.6.32): evidence for the remains of a division system from its manuscript ancestry.
In Studies on the Book of Deer (2008), pp. 3–31.
In Appendix: A concordance of the display initials of the Book of Deer with the Ammonian sections / Eusebian canons.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Map awareness in the mid-seventh century: Jonas’ Vita Columbani.
In IMu 62/1 (2010), pp. 83–85.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The De locis sanctis as a liturgical text.
In Adomnán of Iona (2010), pp. 181–192.
Wooding (Jonathan M.) (ed.), Aist (Rodney) (assist. ed.), Clancy (Thomas Owen) (assist. ed.), O’Loughlin (Thomas) (assist. ed.): Adomnán of Iona: theologian, lawmaker, peacemaker / Jonathan M. Wooding with Rodney Aist, Thomas Owen Clancy and Thomas O’Loughlin, editors.
Dublin: Four Courts, 2010. 335 pp.
Papers from a conference held at Iona, 24-27 September 2004.

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O’Loughlin (Thomas): Varia: I. The presence of the Breuiarius de Hierosolyma in Iona’s library.
In Ériu 62 (2012), pp. 185–188.
Identifies a further source for Adomnán’s knowledge of the Holy Places.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The biblical dimension of early medieval Latin texts.
In Understanding Celtic religion (2015), pp. 83–98.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The so-called capitula for the Book of the Apocalypse in the Book of Armagh (Dublin, Trinity College, 52) and Latin exegesis.