Davies (Morgan Thomas)

Davies (Morgan Thomas): Protocols of reading in early Irish literature: notes on some notes to Orgain Denna Ríg and Amra Coluim Cille.
In CMCS 32 (Winter 1996), pp. 1–23.
Reflects on the philological methodology followed by medieval and modern Irish scholars and the value of their observations, focusing on practical examples from these two texts.
Davies (Morgan T.): Kings and clerics in some Leinster sagas.
In Ériu 47 (1996), pp. 45–66.
Exemplified chiefly by Cath Dúin Bolg and Cath Almaine, including anecdotes from Fragmentary annals of Ireland.
Davies (Morgan Thomas): The somewhat heroic biography of Brandub mac Echach.
In Essays on the early Irish king tales (2008), pp. 170–212.
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Davies (Morgan Thomas): Dindshenchas, memory, and invention.
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Davies (Morgan Thomas): Anecdota from Irish manuscripts.
In Rhetoric and reality in medieval Celtic literature [Melia studies] (2014), pp. 20–38.
Discusses Echtra Ambacuc.
Davies (Morgan Thomas): Cultural memory, the finding of the Táin, and the canonical process in early Irish literature.
Davies (Morgan T.): Moling and the Bórama.
In Ollam [Fs. Ó Cathasaigh] (2016), pp. 61–77.
Davies (Morgan Thomas): Warrior time.