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Three (of four) syntactic types in Old Irish relative clauses in figurae etymologicae with examples where two (or more) words of a similar etymology are brought into close syntactic connection.
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Ó Riain (P.) (ref.)
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On the 1905 collection by the brothers Micheál and Tomás Ó Máille (Best1, p. 198).
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Studies the alternation between con- and cond- in forms of con-ric (some analysable as ro-icc preceded by relative con- or the conjunction con), and argues that the -d- in these forms is not a pronominal but the result of anaptyxis.
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Discusses the historical background, composition date, scribes’ identity, and literary sources for this manuscript. In Appendix: Annalistic entries concerned with Clann Donnchaidh in the reign of Tomaltach Mac Donnchaidh (ad 1383–97.)
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Discusses the development of the prepositional interrogative relative clause in Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Manx, tracing its origin to the Early Irish period.