Gleasure (James W.)

Gleasure (James): Varia: III. More on (s)beach/(s)meach.
In Ériu 24 (1973), pp. 186–191.
Discusses variation between initial b- and m-, and prosthetic s-.
Gleasure (James): Synthetic and analytic: some comments on the Irish/Gaelic present/future.
In SGS 14/2 (1986), pp. 94–101.
Discusses the origin of the future formations in -(a)idh and in -(e)as.
Gleasure (James): The evolution of the present/future tense in Scottish Gaelic.
In SGS 16 (1990), pp. 181–189.
On the use in Scottish Gaelic of the original present in -(a)idh with both the future and the habitual present senses.
Gleasure (James) (comp.): List of Professor Thompson’s publications.
In SGS 17 (1996), pp. 4–23.
Bibliography 1943–1992.
Gleasure (James W.): The Rawlinson B 512 version of Scéla mucce Meic Dathó revisited.
In SGS 17 (1996), pp. 143–145.
Additional corrections to SMMD2 (cf. Robert T. Meyer, in Trivium 1 (1966), pp. 183-184 [BILL 4964].