Oskamp (Hans Pieter Atze)

(1936 – 1990)

Oskamp (Hans Pieter Atze) (ed.): The Voyage of Máel Dúin. A study in early Irish voyage literature, followed by an edition of Immram curaig Máele Dúin from the Yellow book of Lecan in Trinity College, Dublin.
Groningen: Wolters-Noordhoff, 1970. xi + 202 pp.
[= BILL 4685.]

Rev. by
Séamus Mac Mathúna, in ZCP 34 (1975), pp. 323-331.
Oskamp (H. P. A.): The first twelve folia of Rawlinson B 502.
In Ériu 23 (1972), pp. 56–72.
Discusses codicological and palaeographical features of first twelve leaves of MS (containing the Annals of Tigernach), which are of different provenance than rest of MS, and whose ‘scribal habits’ are similar to continental MSS.
Oskamp (H. P. A.): On the collation of Lebor na hUidre.
In Ériu 25 (1974), pp. 147–156.
Oskamp (Hans P. A.): Echtra Condla.
In ÉtC 14 (1974–1975), pp. 207–228.
Provides a diplomatic edition based on RIA 23 N 10, with variant readings from YBL ‘proper’, Egerton 88, Egerton 1782, Rawlinson B 512, YBL second part, and LU; with English translation.
Oskamp (H. P. A.): ‘The Yellow Book of Lecan Proper’.
In Ériu 26 (1975), pp. 102–121.
Cf. R. I. Best, The Journal of Celtic Studies 1 (1950), pp. 190-192 (BILL 674). Discussion of MS TCD H 2. 16) and fragments of RIA D i 3, D iv 1, D v 1 and Rawlinson B 488 fols 1-26. Identifies Four Masters’ ‘Book of Clonmacnoise’ as the Annals of Tigernach. On claidemscin (< claidheamh + scian) as a possible technical term. Contains 6 plates.
Best (R. I.) (ref.)
Oskamp (Hans P. A.): Mael Muire: compiler or reviser?
In Éigse 16/3 (Samhradh 1976), pp. 177–182.
vs. T. Ó Concheanainn, in Éigse 15/4 (1974), pp. 277-288.
Ó Concheanainn (T.) (ref.)
Oskamp (Hans): The Irish quatrains and salutation in the Drummond Missal.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 82–91.
Edition with translation and commentary of three marginal quatrains (beg. Salcaid aenchap anart lín, Timcheallmait relic maic Dé, Niro aisce aisc it bíu resp.) and salutation in which St. Kevin welcomes St. Ciarán Saigre to his cell (beg. Is mochen a noeb-chlerig to which St Ciarán replies beg. A Choemgin a chloch-adbaig). Texts dated to 10th cent., and ed. from New York, Pierpont Morgan MS M 627. Some palaeoghraphic discussion of hands of MS. Contains 6 plates.
Oskamp (Hans): The Irish material in the St. Paul Irish codex.
In Éigse 17/3 (Samhradh 1978), pp. 385–391.
Incl. description of contents of MS Sankt Paul im Lavanttal, Stiftsbibliothek, 86b/1 [olim 25.2.31], and also a transcription of the incantation Adgúisiu fid nallabrach with Engl transl. and notes.
Schneiders (Marc), Veelenturf (Kees): Hans Oskamp (1936–1990).
In Éigse 25 (1991), pp. 180–181.
Oskamp (Hans) (hon.)