Sharpe (Richard)

(1954 – 2020)

Sharpe (Richard): Hiberno-Latin laicus, Irish láech and the devil’s men.
In Ériu 30 (1979), pp. 75–92.
Lat. laicus ‘layman’ introduced to Irel. and developed the rare subsidiary meaning ‘lay tenant’ in ecclesiastical context; laicus develops pagan connotations, hence ‘brigand’. In a separate line of development, Lat. laicus ‘layman’ borrowed into Ir. as láech at an early date primarily in legal texts; láech ‘warrior’ may have developed on the principle that ‘men’ are ‘warriors’ (see P. Mac Cana, ‘On the word láech “warrior” ', in Celtica 11 (1976), pp. 125-128); láech ‘warrior’ in turn influences Lat. laicus, which acquires the rare meaning ‘warrior’; láech ‘pagan’ occurs as a calque on laicus ‘pagan’.
Mac Cana (Proinsias) (ref.)
Sharpe (Richard): Palaeographical considerations in the study of the Patrician documents in the Book of Armagh.
In Scriptorium 36/1 (1982), pp. 3–28.
Sharpe (Richard): St. Patrick and the See of Armagh.
In CMCS 4 (Winter, 1982), pp. 33–59.
Explores the chronological gap between Patrick’s death and 7th c. texts relating to the church at Armagh.
Sharpe (Richard): Vitae S. Brigitae: the oldest texts.
In Peritia 1 (1982), pp. 81–106.
Argues that Vita II Brigitae of Cogitosus (otherwise known as Toimtenach) derived directly from Vita I, and that both ultimately depended on the Latin original underlying Bethu Brigte.
Sharpe (R.): Were the Irish annals known to a twelfth-century Northumbrian writer?
In Peritia 2 (1983), pp. 137–139.
Discusses references to Irish writings in Libellus de nativitate S. Cuthberti de historiis Hibernensium exceptus et translatus written c. 1185.
Sharpe (Richard): Armagh and Rome in the seventh century.
In Die Kirche im Frühmittelalter (1984), pp. 58–72.
Sharpe (Richard): Some problems concerning the organisation of the Church in early medieval Ireland.
In Peritia 3 (1984), pp. 230–270.
Discusses ecclesiastical terminology (e.g. Lat. paruchia, familia, dominicus (> Ir. domnach), princeps, Ir. airchinnech, epscop tuaithe (cf. Lat. clericus plebis), etc.) and the impact of monasticism.
Sharpe (Richard): Latin and Irish words for ‘book-satchel’.
In Peritia 4 (1985), pp. 152–156.
On OIr. tiag (< Lat. theca) and Hib.-Lat. scetha (< Late Lat. scheda).
Lapidge (Michael), Sharpe (Richard), Mac Cana (Proinsias) (forw. auth.): A bibliography of Celtic-Latin literature, 400-1200 / by Michael Lapidge and Richard Sharpe; with a foreword by Proinsias Mac Cana.
RIA DMLCS-AP, 1. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1985. xxii + 361 pp.
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Sharpe (Richard): Dispute settlement in medieval Ireland: a preliminary inquiry.
Sharpe (Richard): Quatuor sanctissimi episcopi: Irish saints before St Patrick.
In Sages, saints and storytellers [Fs. Carney] (1989), pp. 376–399.
Ailbe, Ibar, Déclán, Ciarán.
Sharpe (Richard): ME falding, MIr. fallaing: Irish mantles in medieval England.
In Anglia 107 (1989), pp. 416–429.
ME falding < MIr. fallaing < ON *falding.
Sharpe (Richard): Saint Mauchteus, discipulus Patricii.
In Britain 400–600 (1990), pp. 85–93.
Sharpe (Richard): Maghnus Ó Domhnaill’s source for Adomnán’s Vita S. Columbae and other Vitae.
In Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 604–607.
Sharpe (Richard): Roderick MacLean’s Life of St. Columba in Latin verse (1549).
In IR 42/2 (Autumn, 1991), pp. 111–132.
Sharpe (Richard): Medieval Irish saints’ lives: an introduction to Vitae sanctorum Hiberniae.
Oxford: Clarendon, 1991. ix + 427 pp.
A critical study of the three main collections of Irish saints’ lives (Dublin, Oxford, and Salmanticensis).

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Sharpe (Richard): Churches and communities in early medieval Ireland: towards a pastoral model.
In Pastoral care before the parish (1992), pp. 81–109.
Blair (John) (ed.), Sharpe (Richard) (ed.): Pastoral care before the parish / edited by John Blair and Richard John Sharpe.
SEHB. Leicester: Leicester University Press, 1992. ix + 298 pp.
Papers from a conference held in Oxford, 4-6 November 1989.

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Sharpe (Richard): Adomnán of Iona: Life of St. Columba / translated by Richard Sharpe.
Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1995. xx + 406 pp. maps, geneal. tbls.
Translation based on A. O. Anderson and M. O. Anderson, 1961 (= BILL: 8084; 2nd ed. Oxford, 1991); with Introduction, Notes, Bibliography, Index.

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Sharpe (Richard): The thriving of Dalriada.
Sharpe (Richard) (ed.), Thacker (Alan) (ed.): Local saints and local churches in the early Medieval West / edited by Alan Thacker and Richard Sharpe.
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002. xiii + 581 pp.
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Sharpe (Richard): In quest of Pictish manuscripts.
In IR 59/2 (Nov., 2008), pp. 145–167.
Sharpe (Richard): Books from Ireland, fifth to ninth centuries.
In Peritia 21 (2010), pp. 1–55.
Discusses the export of manuscripts produced in Ireland to Britain and the European continent.
Sharpe (Richard): Iona in 1771: Gaelic tradition and visitors’ experience.
In IR 63/2 (Nov., 2012), pp. 161–259.
Sharpe (Richard): Muiris Ó Gormáin’s book-lists and T. F. O’Rahilly.
In Celtica 27 (2013), pp. 114–118.
Establishes that NLI G 664, acquired from the estate of T. F. O’Rahilly and containing O’Gorman’s catalogues of books and manuscripts, was once part of RIA Stowe I v 1.
Sharpe (Richard): Lachlan Campbell’s letters to Edward Lhwyd, 1704-7.
In SGS 29 (2013), pp. 244–281.
Prints and discusses five letters to Lhwyd from Rev. Lachlan Campbell (1675–1707), minister of Campbeltown who contributed notes and additions to Lhwyd’s Irish dictionary.
Sharpe (Richard): Varia: IV. Maolmhuire Ó hUiginn’s poem Slán uaim don dá aoghaire.
In Éigse 38 (2013), pp. 267–267.
Identification of the two addressees of this poem.
Sharpe (Richard): Roderick O’Flaherty’s letters to William Molyneux, Edward Lhwyd, and Samuel Molyneux, 1696-1709 / edited with notes and an introduction by Richard Sharpe.
Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 2013. xvii + 538 pp.
An annotated edition of 56 letters, mostly written by O’Flaherty but including some sent to him by S. Molyneux. Introduction [incl. R. O’Fl.'s life; Writings of R. O’Fl.; R. O’Fl.'s Ogygia vindicated; Fate of R. O’Fl.'s MSS], Texts, Appendices, Bibliography [incl. MSS in R. O’Fl.'s hand], Indices. In Appendices: 1. O’Flaherty’s revised Latin poem; 2. Books cited or used by O’Flaherty; 3. Copies of Ogygia; 4. Manuscripts from the Southwell papers.

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Sharpe (Richard): Tadhg Gaelach Ó Súilleabháin’s Pious miscellany: editions of the Munster bestseller of the early nineteenth century.
In PRIA-C 114 (2014), pp. 235–293.
An investigation of the early editions of this printed work, extant in four different versions, based on a comparison of S. Ó Casaide’s account (in Gaelic Journ. 15/4 (Dec., 1905) pp. 49-51, etc.) with present-day library holdings. In Appendix: [1.] Contents of the Pious miscellany (Types A, B, C, and D); [2.] Annotated catalogue of the known editions.
Sharpe (Richard): Medieval manuscripts found at Bonamargy friary and other hidden manuscripts.
In StH 41 (2015), pp. 49–85.
Also on the accounts of the finding of various other Irish MSS: the Book of Lismore, the Book of Dimma, the Stowe Missal, BL Add. 11809, and the lost Book of Clonenagh.
Sharpe (Richard): King William and the Brecc Bennach in 1211: reliquary or holy banner?
In IR 66/2 (Nov., 2015), pp. 163–190.
Argues that EIr. brecc had the meaning of ‘glittering’ in the context of brass, silver or gold, and was used substantivized to refer to an object in shiny metalwork.
Sharpe (Richard): Seán Ó Cléirigh and his manuscripts.
In Early medieval Ireland and Europe [Fs. Ó Cróinín] (2015), pp. 645–670.
On the 1817 sale of Cú Choigcríche Ó Cléirigh MSS by his descendant Seán Ó Cléirigh.
Sharpe (Richard): Manuscript and print in Gaelic Scotland and Ireland, 1689–1832.
In Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig 8 (2016), pp. 31–53.
Sharpe (Richard): Irish poetry in print in Cox’s Irish Magazine 1808–1810.
In JCHAS 121 (2016), pp. 64–80.
On Donnchadh Ó Floinn’s correspondence with editor Walter Cox, which led to the publication of several pieces in Irish type in the latter’s Irish Magazine. Includes facsimile of an unpublished poem by Ó Floinn that was sent to Cox (now Maynooth C 113 (j) n.º 25).
Sharpe (Richard): Varia: III. Gulide, Guile and Gulinus: an Irish type for a twelfth-century Latin story.
In Ériu 66 (2016), pp. 199–201.
Suggests Gulinus in the second Purgatory story in Peter of Cornwall’s Liber revelationum may be the Latinization of Ir. Guile or Gulide, the names of characters of a comparable type present in the medieval narratives Ceasacht inghine Guile and Erchoitmed ingine Gulide.
Sharpe (Richard): Manuscript by subscription: Muiris Ó Gormáin and the Annals of the Four Masters.
In Éigse 39 (2016), pp. 199–208.
Studies two cases in Ireland of the use of subscription to produce handwritten copies of MSS: Belfast Central Library MS XLIII, containing an Irish translation of Thomas à Kempis’s De imitatione Christi; and QUB Misc. MS 1/2 (formerly Phillipps 6465), containing a copy of the first volume of the Annals of the Four Masters.
Sharpe (Richard): Destruction of Irish manuscripts and the National Board of Education.
In StH 43 (2017), pp. 95–116.
Sharpe (Richard): The Duke of Sussex’s Irish manuscript (Rylands Irish MS 22).
In BJRL 93/1 (Spring, 2017), pp. 121–130.
Dated 1710. Containing a copy of Keating’s Trí biorghaoithe an bháis.
Sharpe (Richard): Richard Plunket (fl. 1772–1791): ‘a neglected genius of the county of Meath’.
In RíM 28 (2017), pp. 191–203.
On the author of a Modern Irish translation of St. Fiacc’s Hymn.
Sharpe (Richard): Humfrey Wanley, Bishop John O’Brien, and the colophons of Mael Brigte’s gospels.
In Celtica 29 (2017), pp. 251–292.
On the early research by Wanley and Bishop O’Brien that led to an accurate dating of Harley 1802. Includes a comprehensive Bibliography concerning Mael Brigte’s gospels [Description, script, discussion; Facsimiles; Text of the gospels; Latin gloss; Manchanus; Interlace initials and evangelist symbols; Colophons, marginalia and poems in Irish].
Sharpe (Richard): Génair Pátraicc: Old Irish between print and manuscript, 1647–1853.
In Ériu 68 (2018), pp. 1–28.
Sharpe (Richard): Further hidden manuscripts.
In StH 44 (2018), pp. 129–134.
Sharpe (Richard): Michael Casey (?1752–1830/31), herb doctor, Irish manuscripts, and John O’Donovan.
In Éigse 40 (2019), pp. 1–42.
Sharpe (Richard): Franciscan copies of Lucerna fidelium. Lóchrann na gcreidmheach in Ireland.
In Lorg na leabhar [Fs. Breatnach] (2019), pp. 331–342.