Ní Chatháin (Próinséas)

Royal Irish Academy: Contributions to a dictionary of the Irish language.
Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1939–1976.
Complementing the Dictionary of the Irish language.

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Rev. by
Karl Horst Schmidt, in ZCP 36 (1978), p. 262 (C).

Byrne (Mary E.), Carney (Maura), Condon (Teresa), Dillon (Myles), Joynt (Maud), Knott (Eleanor), Ní Chatháin (Próinséas), O Daly (Máirín), Ó Fiannachta (Pádraig), O’Sullivan (Anne), Quin (E. G.) (gen. ed.)
Ní C. (P.): Francis Shaw S. J. (1907–1970).
In StC 7 (1972), p. 177.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): Francis Shaw, S. J., 1907–1970.
In Lochlann 6 (1974), pp. 180–181.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): Swineherds, seers and druids.
In StC 14–15 (1979–1980), pp. 200–211.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): The liturgical background of the Derrynavlan altar service.
In JRSAI 110 (1980), pp. 127–148.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): Derrynavlan.
In Éigse 18/2 (1981), p. 210.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): Bede’s ecclesiastical history in Irish.
In Peritia 3 (1984), pp. 115–130.
Compares Bede’s Historia ecclesiastica with the Middle Irish version found in Laud Misc. 610.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas) (ed.), Richter (Michael) (ed.): Irland und Europa: die Kirche im Frühmittelalter / Ireland and Europe: the early church / herausgegeben von Próinséas Ní Chatháin und Michael Richter.
VEZ. Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta, 1984. xvii + 458 pp. (Veröffentlichungen des Europa Zentrums Tübingen: kulturwissenschaftliche Reihe).
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 23 (1986), pp. 350-353.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): Beobachtungen zur irischen und lateinischen Literatur des 8. Jahrhunderts in Irland.
In Virgil von Salzburg (1985), pp. 130–134.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): Sir Samuel Ferguson and the Ogham inscriptions.
In IUR 16/2 (Autumn 1986), pp. 159–169.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): Notes on the Würzburg glosses.
In Bibelstudien und Mission (1987), pp. 190–199.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): Early Ireland and Western Christendom: the Bible and the Missions.
In Bibelstudien und Mission (1987), pp. 473–504.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas) (ed.), Richter (Michael) (ed.): Irland und die Christenheit: Bibelstudien und Mission = Ireland and Christendom: the Bible and the Missions / herausgegeben von Próinséas Ní Chatháin und Michael Richter.
Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta, 1987. xii + 523 pp.
Rev. by
Michael Lapidge, in CMCS 24 (Winter, 1992), pp. 93-96.
Dagmar Ó Riain-Raedel, in ZCP 45 (1992), pp. 256-257.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): The later pilgrimage: Irish poetry on Loch Derg.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): A reading in the Cambrai Homily.
In Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 417–417.
ad MS Cambrai, Bibliothèque Municipale 679, fol. 38a17 (Thes. ii 247.2). Reading cé rucésa amended to cení césa (‘although he does not endure’) in text on white martyrdom (`issí in bánmartre [. . .]').
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): Traces of the cult of the horse in early Irish sources.
In JIES 19/1-2 (Spring/Summer 1991), pp. 123–131.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): Some themes in early Irish lyric poetry.
In IUR 22/1 (Spring/Summer 1992), pp. 3–12.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): Aquitaine in early Irish sources.
In Aquitaine and Ireland in the Middle Ages (1995), pp. 137–146.
Discusses in particular references to Bordeaux (Ir. Bordgal), Tours (Ir. Torinis), St. Martin, and St. Hilary of Poitiers.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): Ogham terminology in Táin bó Cúailnge.
In Bildung und Literatur (1996), pp. 212–216.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas) (ed.), Richter (Michael) (ed.): Irland und Europa im früheren Mittelalter: Bildung und Literatur = Ireland and Europa in the early middle ages: learning and literature / herausgegeben von = edited by Próinséas Ní Chatháin und/and Michael Richter.
Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta, 1996. viii + 318 pp.
Rev. by
Bernhard Maier, in ZCP 51 (1999), pp. 273-274.
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 33 (1997), p. 315.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): A linguistic archaism in the Dúil Laithne.
In ZCP 49–50 (1997), pp. 610–614.
Claims that in this glossary archaic Ir. -ch ‘and’ was used to join the Ogham value of an initial letter with the remainder of its word; vs. R. Thurneysen, Du langage secret dit Ogham, in RC 7 (1886), pp. 369-374 (Best1, p. 51).
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): A musical interlude in Táin bó Froích.
In Studia celtica et indogermanica [Fs. Meid] (1999), pp. 259–260.
Discusses Úaithne, the name of the harper of the Dagda.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas) (ed.), Richter (Michael) (ed.): Ireland and Europe in the early Middle Ages: texts and transmission = Irland und Europa im früheren Mittelalter: Texte und Überlieferung / Próinséas Ní Chatháin and Michael Richter editors.
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Rev. by
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Pádraig Ó Riain, in ZCP 55 (2006), pp. 243-246.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas) (hon.)
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): Máirín Bean Uí Dhálaigh: bean uasal agus scoláire.
In LCC 33 (2003), pp. 89–101.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): maqqi-treni: Oghams in Wales and an Irish placename, Ros Mhic Treoin.
In Fs. Hamlin (2006), pp. 84–87.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): A rare aspect of Early Irish monasticism: the martyrdom of Donnán.
Clarke (Howard B.) (ed.), FitzPatrick (Siobhán) (ed.), Ní Chatháin (Próinséas) (ed.): Pathfinders to the past: the antiquarian road to Irish historical writing, 1640–1960 / Próinséas Ní Chatháin & Siobhán Fitzpatrick with Howard Clarke, editors.
Dublin: Four Courts, 2012. xvii + 183 pp.
Papers arising from a series of seminars held to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the RSAI.

Rev. by
Clare O’Halloran, in ECI 28 (2013), pp. 217-218.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): The bells of the saints.
In Sacred histories [Fs. Herbert] (2015), pp. 251–257.
Discusses the native names of bells associated with particular saints: 1. Bardán (Ciaráin); 2. Bernán; 3. Bethechán; 4. Bóbán; 5. Ceolán; 6. Dub Dúaibsech; 7. Dub Díglach; 8. Finnfaídech; 9. Glasán; 10. Glúnán; 11. Udachta Pátraic.