McNamara (Martin Joseph)

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(repr. 1984).

Catalogue and discussion of extant apocryphal texts in Irish; with indexes of manuscripts, first lines of verse, etc.

Rev. by
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McNamara (Martin): The Echternach Gospels and Mac Durnan Gospels: some common readings and their significance.
In Peritia 6–7 (1987–1988), pp. 217–222.
Demonstrates that the text of the Echternach Gospels (MS BNF lat. 9389) agrees closely with four manuscripts associated with Armagh, namely the Mac Durnan Gospels (MS Lambeth Palace 1370), the Mael Brigte Gospels (MS Harley 1802), MS Harley 1023, and the Book of Armagh.
McNamara (Martin): The inverted Eucharistic formula conversio corporis Christi in panem et sanguinis in vinum: the exegetical and liturgical background in Irish usage.
In PRIA-C 87 (1987), pp. 573–593.
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In An léann eaglasta in Éirinn (1988), pp. 27–38.
§1. Félire Huí Gormáin.
Mac Conmara (Máirtín): Scoláirí Éireannacha thar lear 1200-1500.
In An léann eaglasta in Éirinn (1988), pp. 39–60.
1. Petrus de Hibernia; 2. William of Drogheda; 3. Anonymous author of Promptuarium morale; 4. Thomas of Ireland; 5. Richard FitzRalph.
Mac Conmara (Máirtín): Aodh Mac Aingil agus Scotachas Éireannach.
In An léann eaglasta in Éirinn (1988), pp. 61–101.
McNamara (Martin): The bird hiruath of the Ever-New Tongue and hirodius of gloss on Ps. 103:17 in Vatican Codex Pal. Lat. 68.
In Ériu 39 (1988), pp. 87–97.
ad P. Kitson, in Ériu 35 (1984), pp. 113-136.
Kitson (P.) (ref.)
Mac Conmara (Máirtín): An léann eaglasta ag baile in Éirinn 1200-1500.
In An léann eaglasta in Éirinn (1988), pp. 102–138.
§1. An léann eaglasta i measc Proinnsiasach ag deireadh an 15ú céad (i. Clár leabharlainne Mhainistir Eochaille a.d. 1491 [Irish translation provided in Aguisín]; ii. Lámhscríbhinn Laidine Phroinsiasach c. a.d. 1455); §2. Lámhscríbhinní Laidine le hábhar diagachta agus cráifeachta; §3. Na príomhlámhscríbhinní Gaeilge le hábhar diagachta 1200-1500; §4. Aistriúcháin agus scríbhinní diagachta i nGaeilge 1200-1500 [A survey of 23 religious texts in Irish]; §5. Scríbhinní fealsúnachta in Éirinn 1200-1500 [A survey of 21 philosophical MSS, some in Irish].
Mac Conmara (Máirtín) (ed.): An léann eaglasta in Éirinn 1200-1900 / Máirtín Mac Conmara a chuir in eagar.
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McNamara (Martin): Celtic Christianity, creation and apocalypse, Christ and Antichrist.
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Herbert (Máire) (ed.), McNamara (Martin) (ed.): Irish biblical apocrypha: selected texts in translation / edited by Máire Herbert and Martin McNamara.
Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1989. xxxiii + 196 pp.
Old Testament: 1. The creation of Adam; 2. Creation and fall; 3. The penance of Adam; 4. Death of Adam; 5. Adam and his descendants; 6. The two sorrows of the Kingdom of Heaven; 7. Story of David; 8. The Power of women; 9. The deaths of the chief prophets.

New Testament: 10. Infancy Gospel; 11. The wonders of the night of the Nativity; 11a. Additional related text; 12. The Magi; 13. Anecdote concerning the Magi;14. Infancy Gospel of Thomas; 15. The Abgar legend; 16. Letter of Jesus on Sunday observance; 17. The mystical tree; 18. The death of John the Baptist; 19. Gospel of Nicodemus; 20. Texts relating to the Beloved Disciple; 20a. Episodes from the life of John, the Beloved Disciple; 20b. Fragment of an apocalypse, and death of John; 21. The acts of Peter and Paul;22. The passion of the Apostle Philip; 23. The evernew tongue; 24. Transitus Mariae; 25. Irish text of Visio Sancti Pauli; 26. The vision of Adomnán; 27. Antichrist; 28. The seven journeys of the soul; 29. The signs before Doomsday.

Rev. by
Pádraig Ó Macháin, in Éigse 25 (1991), pp. 209-211.

Mac Conmara (Máirtín): Téacs agus tuiscint an Bhíobla in Éirinn trí na haoiseanna.
In LCC 20 (1990), pp. 61–71.
McNamara (Martin): The Irish affiliations of the Catechesis Celtica.
In Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 291–334.
1. Designation; 2. Contents of Vatican Codex Reginensis Latinus 49; 3. History of research; 4. Catechesis Celtica and Irish biblical text; 5. Catechesis Celtica and Irish exegetical tradition; 6. The Catechesis Celtica and Irish homiletic tradition; 7. Catechesis homilies on Matthew and the Liber questionum in euangeliis; 8. Use in the Catechesis Celtica of apocrypha and rare Latin texts; 9. Concepts and phrases common to Catechesis and Irish texts; 10. Conclusion.
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Rev. by
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CCSA, 13–14. Turnhout: Brepols, 2001. xvi + 1203 pp.
Vol. 13: [1.] General introduction, by M. McN.; [2.] The Irish infancy narratives and their relationship with latin sources, by M. McN. and J.-D. K.; [3.] The Liber flavus Fergusiorum infancy narrative: introduction by M. McN., edition by D. Ó L. and C. B., translation by D. Ó L., M. H. and C. B., notes to the translation by M. McN. and J.-D. K.; [4.] The infancy narrative of the Leabhar Breac and related manuscripts: introduction by M. McN., text by P. Ó F., B. Ó C. and C. B., apparatus criticus by B. Ó C. and C. B., translation by P. Ó F., M. H. and C. B., notes to the translation by M. McN. and J.-D. K.; [5.] A versified narrative of the childhood deeds of the Lord Jesus [from MS NLI G 50]: introduction by M. H. and M. McN., edition and translation by M. H., notes to the translation by M. McN.

Vol. 14: [6.] A thirteenth-century Irish poem containing elements from infancy narratives: introduction, edition, translation and notes by B. Ó C. [Sa ráith-se rugadh Muire, ascribed to Giolla Brighde Albanach; based on RIA D ii 1, with readings from Rawlinson B 486; normalized to Early Modern Irish]; [7.] Hiberno-Latin texts on the wonders at Christ’s birth: introduction, edition, translation and notes by M. McN.; [8.] Short texts relating to the Nativity of Christ: introduction, edition and translation by B. Ó C. and C. B., notes to the translation by M. McN. [1. A narrative of the Caesarean tax and the birth of Christ (a. Irish version, beg. Ochtauín Auguist ba hairdríg; text based on Leabhar Breac); 2. The seventeen wonders of the night of Christ’s birth (a. Prose, entitled Do secht n-ingantaib déc in domain in adaig ro génir Críst; b. Verse, beg. In n-aidchi geini Críst cain; c. Additional wonder); 3. The marvels of the birth of the Saviour (a. Text from Paris, Fonds celtique 1, and Maynooth R 73; b. Variant version from Liber flavus Fergusiorum)]; [9.] Appendix [(1.) Latin infancy Gospels. The J Compilation: introduction and edition by J.-D. K. and M. McN.; (2.) Latin translation of the protoevangelium of James in MS. Paris, Sainte-Geneviève, 2787: introduction and edition by R. B.].

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Examines Irish and Latin texts containing the legend of the XV Signs. In Appendix: Catechetical text containing some parallels with the Apocalypse of Thomas, edited by Charles D. Wright.
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