McInerney (Luke)

McInerney (Luke): Clerics and clansmen: the vicarages and rectories of Tradraighe in the fifteenth century.
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McInerney (Luke): A sixteenth century bardic poem composed for Seán Mac Conmara, Lord of West Clann Chuiléin.
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Créd fá seachnaim síol Aodha? (29 qq.), composed by Domhnall Ó Maoilchonaire. Text from RIA 23 G 9. With English translation, textual notes, commentary.
McInerney (Luke): Curses on the McInerney family of Co. Clare: a folktale from Sixmilebridge.
In NMAJ 50 (2010), pp. 89–107.
Recorded by J. O’Donovan in 1839. From MS NLI G 990.
McInerney (Luke): A Mac Fhlannchadha fosterage document, c. 1580: notes on the Síol Fhlannchadha of Tradraighe.
In IG 13/2 (2011), pp. 93–129.
Edition of a deed in Latin. Also includes text and translation of two deeds in Irish: App. 7: Brehon deed c. 1560, John Rylands Library, University of Manchester [Irish MS 21 f. 23v & 24r]; App. 8. : Brehon deed c. 1550s [RIA MS 24 G 19].
McInerney (Luke): A poem on the saints of Munster.
In SAM 24/1 (2012), pp. 10–22.
10 qq., from Maynooth C 41 (collated with RIA 23 L 11). First line: Tugsad naoimh Mumhan go maith. With English translation and notes. [Transcription and translation by Pádraig Ó Riain.]
Ó Riain (Pádraig)
McInerney (Luke): Lettermoylan of Clann Bhruaideadha: a résumé of their landholding, topography and history.
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Coin airdfhiadhaigh Clann Choiléin, ascribed to Eoghan Mac Craith. Text from RIA MS 23 H 25 with English translation. Includes a discussion of the historical background to this poem.
McInerney (Luke): Clerical and learned lineages of medieval Co. Clare: a survey of the fifteenth-century papal registers.
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Rev. by
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