Nic Cárthaigh (Emma)

Murray (Kevin) (ed.), Nic Cárthaigh (Emma) (ed.), Ó Murchadha (Diarmuid) (ed.), Ó Riain (Pádraig) (ed.): Historical dictionary of Gaelic placenames = Foclóir stairiúil áitainmneacha na Gaeilge / editors = eagarthóirí Pádraig Ó Riain, Diarmuid Ó Murchadha (†), Kevin Murray, Emma Nic Cárthaigh.
London: Irish Texts Society, 2003.
Fascicle 1: Names in A-. 2003. xxxiv + 172 pp.
Fascicle 2: Names in B-. 2005. xxxii + 258 pp.
Fascicle 3: C–Ceall Fhursa. 2008. xxxii + 191 pp.
Fascicle 4: Ceall Ghabhann–Cláiríne. 2011. xxxiv + 165 pp.
Fascicle 5: Clais an Chairn–Cnucha. 2013. xxxvii + 200 pp.
Fascicle 6: Cóbh–Cutloch. 2016. xxxvii + 199 pp.

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Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): Tadhg Ó Neachtuin: a man of lists.
In Cín chille cúile [Ó Riain essays] (2004), pp. 208–224.
1. Place-names; 2. Genealogies. Transcribed from NLI G 192.
Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): Surviving the flood: revenants and antediluvian lore in medieval Irish texts.
In Transmission and transformation in the Middle Ages (2007), pp. 40–64.
Analyses characters in early Irish literature who embody the theme of transmission and transformation through surviving as repositories of antediluvian lore in the form of shape-shifters and mythic visionaries (exemplified by Tuán mac Cairill and Fintan mac Bóchra).
Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): Updating the Onomasticon: challenges.
In Edmund Hogan’s Onomasticon Goedelicum (2011), pp. 81–102.
Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): Mór a-tá ar theagasg flatha: speculum principis le Tadhg mac Dáire Mheic Bhruaideadha.
In Séimhfhear suairc [Fs. B. Ó Conchúir] (2013), pp. 139–180.
Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): The seven heavens in the modern recension of In tenga bithnua.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 211–283.
Critical edition of a section of the third recension of In tenga bithnua describing the journey of the soul through the seven heavens. Provides the text of three versions (based on eighteenth-century MSS), with critical apparatus: 1. NLS Advocates’ Library 72.2.5 (Gaelic LV) with variants from Egerton 174; 2. Text from RIA 23 D 8 with variants from 15 other MSS; 3. Text from RIA 3 C 15. With English translation and notes.
Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): A homily concerning the resurrection and the harrowing of hell from the Liber flavus Fergusiorum.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 483–493.
An Irish account of Christ’s descent into hell, beg. Ar n-eiseirghi Crist a carcair corcraa. From RIA 23 O 48 (Liber flavus); semi-diplomatic text and English translation.
Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): The Day of Judgement and the experience of hell in the Liber flavus Fergusiorum.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 721–751.
Edition of a poem (beg. Dia Luain laithi in measraidhthi) and accompanying prose tract from Liber flavus Fergusiorum; with English translation and textual notes.
Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): The fifteen signs of Doomsday in the Liber flavus Fergusiorum.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 753–760.
A tract on the wonders preceding the Day of Judgement, beginning Cuicc comurdha .x. bratha ann-so. Text from Liber flavus, with English translation and textual notes. Addendum 1: Fott fabaill [a short note describing the distance from the Garden of Eden to the dwelling house of the Trinity; from Liber flavus, with English translation]; Addendum 2: The Comestor version [Cap. CXLI: De signis quindecim dierum ante judicium].
Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): A handlist of Irish eschatological texts.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 825–853.
Provides information on manuscript sources, editions and translations, including internet links to digitised material.
McGinn (Bernard) (pref. auth.), Carey (John) (ed.), Nic Cárthaigh (Emma) (ed.), Ó Dochartaigh (Caitríona) (ed.): The end and beyond: medieval Irish eschatology / edited by Caitríona Ó Dochartaigh, Emma Nic Cárthaigh and John Carey, with a foreword by Bernard McGinn.
CSP, 17. Aberystwyth: Celtic studies publications, 2014. x + 943 pp. portr.
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Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): Tús na heagna omhan Dé: penance and retribution in a poem by Aonghus Fionn Ó Dálaigh.
In Sacred histories [Fs. Herbert] (2015), pp. 269–290.
Text based on the Book of O’Conor Don version, supplemented with the readings of seven other MSS. Diplom. and reconstr. texts, English translation, variant readings.
Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): Mo cheithre rainn duit, a Dhonnchaidh: advice to a prince by Tadhg (mac Daire) Mac Bruaideadha.