Henry (Patrick Leo)

(1918 – 2011)

Henry (P. L.): The early English and Celtic lyric.
London: G. Allen and Unwin, 1966. 244 pp.
[= BILL 518.]

Rev. by
Heinrich Wagner, in ZCP 32 (1972), pp. 289-290.
Henry (P. L.): New light on King Lear.
In ZCP 32 (1972), pp. 125–166.
1. The role of the elements; 2. The new critical perspective. Re-appraisal of theme of retribution by supernatural powers, particularly through invocation of the elements, in Shakespeare’s King Lear; examines medieval concepts of ‘prince’s truth’, ‘divine right’ and ‘elemental power’; some comparisons from Celtic literature.
Henry (P. L.): Bergin’s law and syntactical subordination in Irish.
In ZCP 36 (1978), pp. 29–53.
Henry (P. L.): Interpreting Críth gablach: 1. The noble grades, §34.
In ZCP 36 (1978), pp. 54–56.
Argues in favour of a rendering with fronted object for lines 490-491 of CG.
Henry (P. L.): Interpreting Críth gablach: 2. tánaise.
In ZCP 36 (1978), pp. 56–60.
Analyses it as a past participle *to-ad-naisse ‘joined to’, cf. ad-naisc.
Henry (P. L.): Interpreting Críth gablach: 3. aire cosring.
In ZCP 36 (1978), pp. 60–62.
Takes con ·srenga, coisreng in CG line 277 as the equivalents of Lat. contrahit, contractus ‘makes a contract, contract’.
Henry (P. L.): Saoithiúlacht na Sean-Ghaeilge: bunú an traidisiúin.
Baile Átha Cliath: Oifig an tSoláthair, 1978. xvi + 243 pp.
Rev. by
Édouard Bachellery, in ÉtC 16 (1979), pp. 300-303.
Máire Bhreathnach, in ZCP 39 (1982), pp. 304-308.
Liam Mac Mathúna, in StH 19 (1979), pp. 187-191.
Pádraig Ó Riain, in Éigse 18/1 (1980), pp. 152-156.
J. E. Caerwyn Williams, in StC 16-17 (1981-1982), pp. 389-392.
Henry (P. L.): The Caldron of Poesy.
In StC 14–15 (1979–1980), pp. 114–128.
From TCD H 3. 18, with English translation and notes. Cf. Best2 2267.
Henry (P. L.): The cruces of Audacht Morainn.
In ZCP 39 (1982), pp. 33–53.
Criticism of the translation by F. Kelly in Audacht Morainn (Dublin, 1976), especially with regard to the Old Irish terms fír, flaith, fírinne, fír flathemon and to the terminal phrases at the end of §§21, 52-53 and 63.
Henry (P. L.): Furor heroicus.
In ZCP 39 (1982), pp. 235–242.
Studies the forms of this motif in Celtic, Old English and Old Norse literature.

Also. in Occasional papers in linguistics and language learning 8 (Aug., 1981), pp. 53-61 [= Studies in English language and early literature in honour of Paul Christophersen / edited by P. M. Tilling (Coleraine: New University of Ulster, 1981)].
Henry (Patrick L.): Interpreting the Gaulish inscription of Chamalières.
In ÉtC 21 (1984), pp. 141–150.
Contains an excursus on OIr. fíad ‘honour; presence’.
Henry (P. L.): The Celtic literatures in the context of world literature.
In Geschichte und Kultur der Kelten (1986), pp. 145–153.
Henry (P. L.): Verba Scáthaige.
In Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 191–207.
First line A mbe[ë] eirr ōengaile. Diplomatic texts from Rawlinson B 512, Egerton 1782, Egerton 88, RIA 23 N 10, and LU (Tochmarc Emere); reconstructed text, with English translation and notes.
Henry (P. L.): Táin roscada: discussion and edition.
In ZCP 47 (1995), pp. 32–75.
Critical edition of the main core of 16 roscada (LU 5422-5520) and the rosc of Fiacc son of Fergus (LU 5323-28), with variant readings, detailed linguistic analysis and English translation. This is preceded by a short study of the genre of prophetic vision in the Táin and a discussion of the edited texts.
Henry (Patrick L.): Amra Con Roi (ACR): discussion, edition, translation.
In ÉtC 31 (1995), pp. 179–194.
Begins: Ni hada dom anmaim, text from Egerton 88, TCD H 2. 16 and TCD H 3. 18.
Henry (P. L.): Conailla Medb míchuru and the tradition of Fiacc son of Fergus.
In Miscellanea Wagner (1997), pp. 53–70.
Henry (Patrick L.): A note on the Brehon Law tracts of procedure and status, Cóic conara fugill and Uraicecht becc.
In ZCP 49–50 (1997), pp. 311–319.
Criticises E. Mac Néill's translation of the opening section of Uraicecht Becc (in Best2 2172), showing that it is based on the glossator’s comment rather than the principal text, and accordingly suggests that Mac Néill’s airecar ‘is found’ should be substituted by the reading of the original text, either H 3. 18 arragar ‘is bound’ or BB agar ‘is pleaded’. Includes a translation of the original text of the eight following sections. Also criticises R. Thurneysen's translation (in Best2 2164) of the legal terms aithne (MS aichnid) and aithnid.
Toner (Gregory), Mac Mathúna (Séamus) (ed.): Ulidia 3: proceedings of the Third International Conference on the Ulster Cycle of Tales, University of Ulster, Coleraine, 22-25 June, 2009. In memoriam Patrick Leo Henry / edited by Gregory Toner and Sémus Mac Mathúna.
Berlin: Curach Bhán, 2013. xiii + 370 pp.
Henry (Patrick Leo) (hon.)