Harvey (Anthony)

Harvey (Anthony): Aspects of lenition and spirantization.
In CMCS 8 (Winter, 1984), pp. 87–100.
Development in Celtic languages. Cf. D. Greene, Gemination, in Celtica 3 (1956), pp. 284-289; The spirant mutation in Brythonic, in Celtica 7 (1966), pp. 116-119; K. H. Jackson, Gemination and the spirant mutation, in Celtica 5 (1960), pp. 127-134.
Harvey (Anthony): The significance of Cothraige.
In Ériu 36 (1985), pp. 1–9.
Challenges the view that OIr. Cothraige is a loan-word from Latin Patricius, and argues that it is a place-name with originally no relation to St. Patrick.
Russell (Paul): A footnote to spirantization.
In CMCS 10 (Winter, 1985), pp. 53–56.
ad A. Harvey, in CMCS 8 (Winter, 1984), pp. 87-100.
Harvey (A.) (ref.)
Harvey (Anthony): Early literacy in Ireland: the evidence from Ogam.
In CMCS 14 (Winter, 1987), pp. 1–15.
ad A. Harvey, in Ériu 38 (1987), pp. 45-71. On gemination in Ogam; argues that a degree of naturalised Latinity existed in Ireland by the mid-5th c. which complemented the contemporary use of ogam.
Harvey (A.) (ref.)
Harvey (Anthony): The Ogam inscriptions and their geminate consonant Symbols.
In Ériu 38 (1987), pp. 45–71.
Harvey (Anthony): Some significant points of early Insular Celtic orthography.
In Sages, saints and storytellers [Fs. Carney] (1989), pp. 56–66.
Investigates the origin of the use of the digraphs th, ch and ph for the fricatives /θ/, /χ/ and /f/ (or /ɸ/).
Devine (Kieran), Harvey (Anthony) (forw. auth.): Clavis Patricii I: A computer-generated concordance to the Libri epistolarum of St. Patrick / Kieran Devine, with a foreword by Anthony Harvey.
RIA DMLCS-AP, 3. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1989. xv + 308 pp.
Rev. by
Andy Orchard, in CMCS 22 (Winter, 1991), pp. 114-115.
Harvey (Anthony): The Ogham inscriptions and the Roman alphabet: two traditions or one?
In AI 4/1 (Spring, 1990), pp. 13–14.
Harvey (Anthony): Retrieving the pronunciation of early Insular Celtic scribes: towards a methodology.
In Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 178–190.
Harvey (Anthony): Notes on Old Irish and Old Welsh consonantal spelling.
In Celtic linguistics [Fs. T. Arwyn Watkins] (1990), pp. 403–410.
Harvey (Anthony): Retrieving the pronunciation of early Insular Celtic scribes: the case of Dorbbēne.
In Celtica 22 (1991), pp. 48–63.
Based on the proper names in Adomnán’s Vita Sancti Columbae, MS Schaffhausen, Stadtbibliothek Generalia 1 (wr. in the early 8th c. by Dorbbēne, prob. in Iona).
Harvey (Anthony): The Cambridge Juvencus Glosses: evidence of Hiberno-Welsh literary interaction?
In Language contact in the British Isles (1991), pp. 181–198.
Harvey (Anthony): Latin, literacy and the Celtic vernaculars around the year AD 500.
In NACCS 2 (1992), pp. 11–26.
Harvey (Anthony), Power (Jane): Varia: IV. Hiberno-Latin scaltae.
In Ériu 48 (1997), pp. 277–279.
Earliest two references from Hisperica famina.
Harvey (Anthony): Some observations on Celtic-Latin name formation.
In Ildánach ildírech [Fs. Mac Cana] (1999), pp. 53–62.
Harvey (Anthony): Royal Irish Academy activity in Celtic-Latin studies.
In Scriptures and early medieval Ireland (1999), pp. 117–124.
Harvey (Anthony): Problems in dating the origin of the Ogham script.
In Roman, runes and Ogham (2001), pp. 37–50.
Harvey (Anthony): Varia: I. Hiberno-Latin cuvula.
In Ériu 52 (2002), pp. 229–230.
L cuvula in Vita S. Abbani is a borrowing from Ir. cuile ‘kitchen’, found in the Irish version Betha Abáin.
Harvey (Anthony): Varia: IV. Some terms for tides in Celtic-Latin literature.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 259–262.
Harvey (Anthony), Power (Jane), Ó Cróinín (Dáibhí) (forw. auth.): The non-Classical lexicon of Celtic Latinity. Volume 1: letters A-H / by Anthony Harvey and Jane Power, with Foreword by Dáibhí Ó Cróinín.
RIA DMLCS-CP, 1. Turnhout: Brepols, 2005. xlviii + 370 pp. (Royal Irish Academy Dictionary of Medieval Latin from Celtic sources; Constituent publications, 1 = Corpus Christianorum, Continuatio mediaevalis; Medieval Latin dictionaries, 2).
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In Listy filologické 131/3-4 (2008), pp. 469–491.
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Part I: Facsimile. 2008. xx + 152 facsimile plates.
Part II. Commentary / Damian Bracken and Eric Graff, editors. 2014. 107 pp.

Contents of Pt. II: (pp. 13-16) Introduction, by Damian Bracken; (pp. 17-55) Report on the Codex Schaffhausen, Stadtbibliothek, Generalia 1, by Eric Graff; (pp. 56-69) Schaffhausen, Stadtbibliothek, Generalia 1: The history of the manuscript, by Jean-Michel Picard; (pp. 70-89) The Schaffhausen manuscript and the composition of the Life of Columba, by Mark Stansbury; (pp. 90-104) Some orthographic features of the Schaffhausen manuscript, by Anthony Harvey; (p. 105) A note on the Irish Manuscripts Commission and the Schaffhausen manuscript of Adomnán’s Vita Columbae, by Deirdre McMahon; Index.

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In Spoken and written language (2013), pp. 87–100.
Harvey (Anthony): Linguistic method in his literary madness? The word-coinings of Virgilius Maro Grammaticus.
Harvey (Anthony): Cambro-Romance? Celtic Britain’s counterpart to Hiberno-Latin.
In Early medieval Ireland and Europe [Fs. Ó Cróinín] (2015), pp. 179–202.
Includes a comparison with Latin in Ireland.
Harvey (Anthony): Blood, dust and cucumbers: constructing the world of Hisperic Latinity.
Harvey (Anthony): Muirchú and his remi cymba: whence his Latin and its wordstore?
In Peritia 27 (2016), pp. 43–62.
Harvey (Anthony): Varia: I. Hiberno-Latin quantotus, tantotus.
In Ériu 66 (2016), pp. 191–194.
Discusses the process of creation of two new Latin words by Virgilius Maro Grammaticus (Epitomae VI.7).
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