Moran (Pádraic)

Moran (Pádraic): Hebrew in early Irish glossaries.
In CMCS 60 (Winter, 2010), pp. 1–21.
Discusses in particular the sources and extent of the knowledge of Hebrew in medieval Ireland, through an analysis of words cited as Hebrew in early Irish glossaries. In Appendix: [A list of] Hebrew words cited in Irish glossaries (with references).
Moran (Pádraic): Irish glossaries and other digital resources for early Irish studies.
In JfC 10 (2010), pp. 131–150.
Moran (Pádraic): ‘A living speech’? The pronunciation of Greek in early medieval Ireland.
In Ériu 61 (2011), pp. 29–57.
Investigates the pronunciation of Greek in medieval Ireland based on a examination of Greek words in early Irish glossaries (O’Mulconry’s glossary, Sanas Cormaic, Dúil Dromma Cetta).
Moran (Pádraic): ‘Their harmless calling’: Whitley Stokes and the Irish linguistic tradition.
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Moran (Pádraic): Greek in early medieval Ireland.
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Moran (Pádraic): Language interaction in the St. Gall Priscian glosses.
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Moran (Pádraic): Greek dialectology and the Irish origin story.
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On the Irish claim to Greek origins made in the preface to O’Mulconry’s glossary.
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