Donnelly (Seán)

Donnelly (Seán): Irish cranngal ‘cran’: a piper’s technical term.
In Celtica 20 (1988), pp. 132–140.
cranngal ‘a sound or effect in music’ is a compound of crann ‘wood’ and gal ‘valour, steam’, belonging to the first stage of such compounds, when gal expressed noise as well as action; see M. Dillon, in Celtica 8 (1968), pp. 196-200.
Donnelly (Seán): Cranngha(i)l ‘a sound or effect in music’.
In Celtica 22 (1991), pp. 16–17.
in Dáibhidh Ó Bruadair’s Créacht do dháil mé im árthach galair, q. 29.
Donnelly (Seán), Ua Súilleabháin (Seán): ‘Music has ended’: the death of a harper.
In Celtica 22 (1991), pp. 165–175.
Lament for Conchubhar Mac Conghalaigh, harper to Domhnall Ó Donnabháin (†1639), by Tadhg Olltach Ó an Cháinte. First line: Torchair ceól Cloinne Cathoil; ed. from MS RIA 23 D 4, with Engl transl. and notes.
Donnelly (Seán): A Cork musician at the early Stuart court: Daniel Duff O’Cahill (c. 1580-c. 1660), ‘the Queen’s harper’.
In JCHAS 105 (2000), pp. 1–26.